Wanna See My Beautiful Navel?

Wanna See My Beautiful Navel?

Coming of age, summer camp and first love...

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Wanna See My Beautiful Navel? torrent reviews

Phil H (ca) wrote: So here we go again with the tenth sequel in this killer doll franchise, how or why this goes on? beats the shit outta me. But anyway the plot carries on from the previous entry and yet again involves the naughty Nazi's and their evil plots. This time around the killer dolls appear to be fighting for good again and are helping a young man and woman stop the dastardly Nazi's from creating a breed of undead soldiers and errrr making more tiny killer dolls...indeed.So that's the basic plot, what about the rest of it?. Well its pretty much business as usual from Mr Band, everything is rather tacky looking, cheesy acting, hokey sets and props altogether making you wonder if this is an actual horror film anymore.I'm not saying I didn't enjoy this film I must add, its actually quite amusing and enjoyable as a low grade B-movie. The thing is I'm not so sure Mr Band is aiming it to be an amusing B-movie, I tend to think he still kinda believes these are serious horror flicks. Anyhoo the film is completely ridiculous yet thoroughly fun in an Ed Wood kinda of way.The effects are very basic but as before the dolls all look pretty neat and well made, still obvious care and attention to the main characters of this horror franchise. Sure they hardly move apart from waving their little arms, which somehow is translatable to the human characters as they talk to them, but there is a certain charm to the little guys. They are classic 80's creations and almost part of cinematic history if you get me, despite being in a cheap ass franchise. Love the terribly racial stereotyped Japanese doll called 'Kamikaze' haha...jesus Mr Band!!.The few human characters in this are utterly cliched and generic yet again fun to watch. The frail old mad German genius scientist, the crazy sadistic Nazi officer, the two goodie goodie heroes that are American as apple pie and the gruff all American buzz cut Sgt. Last but certainly not least is the most over sexualized in your face, boys only villainess character complete with flowing blonde hair, full red lips and an eye busting cleavage to die for. The main bad guy's female sidekick is possibly the best guilty pleasure in this film as she pouts, teases, arches and purrrrs her way through the film, letting out the most sexual evil laughs as innocents are slain before her *phew! wipes the sweat from his eyes*. Truly for the male graphic novel/comic book/manga liking demographic.The hideously bad German accents make this all the more fun to be honest, lots of 've's' 'vords' 'vasts' 'veapons' and 'vants' plus some of the most excellent dialog since...well Ed Wood. 'thank you for being such a fine American', 'you just earned your ticket into the United States army', 'over my dead body Hans', 'I'll make those Nazi's pay', 'come and get me kraut', 'never screw with America!'. So yes this is a bad film, a film so bad and cliched its fun to watch. Whether or not Mr Band is taking this seriously still I'm not so sure but its so so sooooo dumb and corny its brilliant. Not in the least bit scary and so basic a child could follow...and not be scared either. Anyone who has seen all the previous films will know what to expect but this film is much more comic book than the rest, almost a panto judging by the characters. I still don't get the point of 'Leech Woman'. Why throw up small leeches into a victims mouth? apart from tasting horrible what's the point of it?? haha what do they do to the victim?? I don't think we've ever seen the result of this little attack pattern, oh well.

Fa N (ca) wrote: Good story,funny but still touchy. Good movie

Elena S (it) wrote: dont watch for the story. , see the sky dive.

Ryan A (br) wrote: "Love Potion #9" is one of the stupid movie ever!!!" The performances in this movies are so terrible. The directing and writer of the screenplay by Dale Launer are so horrendous. The score in this movies are pathetic. "I'm raving that "Love Potion #9" is disgraceful movie that you will just hate everything that you have be given in this movie!"

Rocco T (it) wrote: Wait a second... Don Knotts is in this?

Tom W (ag) wrote: Forgetten film noir gem with Audrey Totter at her bitchiest and great performances from barry Sullivan and Richart Basehart - not to mention Cyd Charisse and a young William Conrad in a rotundo profoundo role as a slovenly detective.

Daryl T (kr) wrote: Best thing was the Prince song at the end. Boring.