Wapakman is a Philippine superhero film directed by Topel Lee and starring eight-division world boxing champion Manny Pacquiao.

Wapakman is a Philippine superhero film directed by Topel Lee and starring eight-division world boxing champion Manny Pacquiao. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adrian B (gb) wrote: This inferior sequel is nowhere near as good as the original and that wasn't spectacular by any means.

Justin M (br) wrote: Firstly, Idris Alba acted his butt off. But outside of him, nobody else seems to put any kind of passion into their rolls. It's borderline cheesy. This film tries to be a tense political/war thriller but so many of the key scenes were weak and boring.

Jorge G (fr) wrote: very original, not amazing but still very good. I liked it

Asa B (gb) wrote: A couple of laugh out loud moments don't compensate for a frankly awful movie.

Dylan N (jp) wrote: Its a lot of fun in the right setting. What that setting is, I'll leave you to determine for yourself.

Ed K (kr) wrote: Reminded me a ton of Glengarry Glen Ross.I lost power before I could finish this (so this review isn't totally fair), but the premise was too full of holes, the story was too slow, the dialogue too irritating. When I do finish it I hope the ending proves me wrong.

Michael S (it) wrote: Underrated horror/comedy from John Landis. Features a great role for Don Rickles - an undead mafia attorney. I really enjoyed this.

richard c (fr) wrote: Watching Clownhouse now is a little creepy especially considering what happened on set between the director and his young lead actor. As a film and thats how it should be judged it's a mixed bag. The concept is a little creepy but the execution comes off a little generic. A staple of the time it was made in it suffers from many of the genre cliches it may have been partially inspired. Although ultimately just an extended episode of Are you afraid of the Dark the film ultimately succeeds at being creepy for the wrong reasons like overlong closeups of his young actor in a bathtub or underwear. But look i'm trying to be as focused on the film as possible when talking about this but it's hard to keep the history out of viewing this film. which is a sad thing, a very sad thing.

Paulette P (it) wrote: Hunter S. Thompson-GONZO journalist!!

Mike F (fr) wrote: Neat little film, half Psycho half noir. Anthony Perkins was great, albeit not stretching much. Tuesday Weld was a great little femme fatale...I hadn't been acquainted with her before, but I know she owned this one. Good times.

Michael B (it) wrote: A bit unrealistic but then againe it is a Sci Fi movie not a war movie. This movie and the TV show was one of the reason I spent 6 years on REAL subs in the USN.

Bob V (fr) wrote: On the surface seemingly a straightforward May-December romance between an older woman and a strapping young man. However, underneath the surface plays a shattering condemnation of American class structure & hypocrisy. The visual styling of director Sirk are recognizable and often imitated or lauded in homage form (a very very clear example being "Far from Heaven" which takes its styling and basic story from this film, although twisting it and making it all its own in the process). Good to excellent acting from popular, if not all of them consistently adept, actors, and able direction from Sirk manage to ward off the always-near pathos the story inherently owns.