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War and Peace

A Russian Prince experiences battle against Napoleon and a troubled relationship with his father and wife. Finds acceptance of her death and eventually his chance of true love. A spoiled, ...

Eight-hour epic based on the book of the same name by Leo Tolstoy. Two main story-lines are complex and intertwined. One is the love story of young Countess Natasha Rostova and Count Pierre... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Scott J (it) wrote: Starts of quite promising but quickly turns into a slow paced pale imitation of far better films. The idea behind the Bye Bye Man was quite interesting but never really expanded upon with a decent backstory.

Evan M (us) wrote: One of the few films I've ever stopped. Absolutely unwatchable

Alejandro E (nl) wrote: Gripping documentary of the survivor of a grim real-life genocide.

Darrin C (jp) wrote: It takes quite a while to get to the horror aspect of this film, but the eerie build-up and character development is easily watchable due to both being done so well. The performances were so incredible that the characters felt like real people I personally know which made the terror all the more tense when bad things do finally start happening. The death scenes were realistic and bloody and with a few minor tweaks to the story, this could've been a far superior version of the new Texas Chainsaw sequel reboot instead of the weak shot we got for 2013.

Lety C (jp) wrote: Iba bien pero... me chocan las peliculas que no tienen final:S

Stacey O (gb) wrote: Not great but mildly entertaining.

Kelly F (au) wrote: Like the movie storyline, but lacked a bit of substance -- probably why it was only 1 hr 20 minutes. Worth watching nonetheless.

JEREMIAH M (br) wrote: thought it was pretty decent

Laurie O (kr) wrote: I'm not a big fan of in-your-face evangelism, even for this worthy cause, but the film does have a good message.

Natalie S (it) wrote: omg a 2! oh but no jessica alba or anyone else that was in the first one? stupid.

vien r (fr) wrote: movie where in abhishek acts as a very bad husband 2 rani!!its great!!but i dont like the ending!!!

Sehaitt F (it) wrote: this is the reason I hate Jake Gyllenhaal.

Sam M (ag) wrote: Probably Cusack's best movie, along with Malkovich's best. This film echoes several themes.

li b (jp) wrote: This movie seemed much more hilarious back when I was in college, but it still has its charms...especially for the uninitiated.

Ashwin J (es) wrote: Bigelow + Cameron = Cool

Dan S (ru) wrote: Offbeat and quaint at the same time. See this as a double bill with Bruce McDonald's earlier movie, Roadkill.

Tatsuhito K (ag) wrote: A little convoluted and incoherent in terms of the narrative, but it still is a fun movie to watch. Like any Matthew Vaughn film, this is also a solidly directed film full of great soundtrack, and Daniel Craig as a smart drug dealer is very fascinating to watch. Layer Cake is stylish, energetic and lots of fun.

Matthew H (fr) wrote: Surprisingly frank insiders view of the rise and fall of Tower Records. More of a business doc than a music doc.

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