War Arrow

War Arrow

Major Howell Brady arrives in Indian Territory in hopes of recruiting peaceful, relocated Seminoles to help the army fight rampaging Kiowas.

The western film depicts the story of Major Howell Brady when he arrives at Fort Clark (Texas) to subdue the angry Kiowa which has been raiding the villages on Seminole reservations. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


War Arrow torrent reviews

Ricardo H (ru) wrote: WAS IT GOOD?No, not really. The acting was mediocre, the storyline unoriginal, and it relied too much on the stereotypical gay characters

Haydn W (au) wrote: Would have made a good short.

Robert M (de) wrote: My new favorite movie. Great story & well acted. Watch it ASAP. I'd watch it again and again.

Joey F (es) wrote: This isn't your average comedy. This is a comedy in the same sense that Wes Anderson's early movies were "comedies." In truth, this is a family drama with dark humor thrown in, and it does it very well. It's not perfect, but it's a very emotional and heartwarming experience overall. Definitely recommend.

Edmund C (mx) wrote: Had never heard of this west-meets-east movie.. but pounced on it when i came across it onboard the plane inflight movie menu! Likeable and believeable. I now wanna experience Holi colours too and 'holiday in Goa' too! ;)

Rosanna D (au) wrote: "Che stupidi che siamo: quanti inviti respinti, quante parole non dette, quanti sguardi non ricambiati... A volte la vita ci scorre davanti e noi non ce ne accorgiamo nemmeno..."

Charlie M (ag) wrote: Father takes estranged daughter to Bahamas in this uneven comedy.

Eric B (fr) wrote: Beautifully shot western set in South America. Quiet and smart.

James F (br) wrote: One of my fav Walter Walter Matthau movies

Alexandra S (us) wrote: Watched it on YouTube

Maineutral R (ag) wrote: The third Karate Kid could have been a back to basics movie, but is only a rehash of the first and putting some stereotypical characters and a very similar ending. And Macchio is no longer adequate to play the teenager Daniel-san. Just doesn't work.