War Don Don

War Don Don

This gripping documentary follows the trial of Issa Sesay, a leader in Sierra Leone's civil war who stands accused of crimes against humanity. Can the trial of one man uncover the truth of a traumatic past?

In the heart of Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone, United Nations soldiers guard a heavily fortified building known as the 'special court'. Inside, Issa Sesay awaits is trial. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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A Z (kr) wrote: Chazelle should've directed himself.

Sung R (de) wrote: I watched this movie twice. It's a heartbreaking movie especially when it can relate to South and North Korea right now. Crossing the border is like the scariest part because you can just get shot, like Mexican people trying to cross the U.S. border. I really liked the actions in this movie and the strategy of arrow fighting, it was a thrilling movie, also gruesome as well. Countries will always be at war no matter the date is, it's a sad, sad world we're living in.

Chris C (ag) wrote: Predictable. Funny in places. I can see a majority of people not understanding a single word!

Warren W (au) wrote: Horrible start; bad (potential to be good) middle; then even more terrible ending. The movie had potential to be good, it was a long shot, but it still had it, the writers clearly didn't see it. I wish I could get back the 2 hours of my life that wasted.........

dfw f (au) wrote: 1992 I have had this DVD a while but did not watch; This is film by french Canadian director who died in plane crash in 1997. It is an usual film and really in many ways a visionary film. very unusual great story great music. In Canadian french with subtitles. The film tells the story of Leolo Lauzon (Maxime Collin), a young boy living in a Montreal tenement with his dysfunctional family. He uses his active fantasy life (and the book Lavalle des Aavales by Quebecois novelist Rejean Ducharme ) to escape the reality of his life. After deciding that his mother (Ginette Reno) was impregnated not by his father, but by an Italian tomato, he rechristens himself Leolo, and begins to have sexual fantasies about his neighbour Bianca (Giuditta del Vecchio). film was listed by time magazine as one of the 100 greatest films of all time and I agree. It is a film of fabulous storytelling. highest recommendation five stars. I just have never seen a film like it. (Maybe the French film Lost Children or The Cook the Thief His Wife & Her Lover ) Ebert States: It is a work of genius - and the best kind of genius, too, which is deranged genius" Ebert continues : A film that stirs in the shadows of memory for everyone who has ever seen it, a film that cannot be classified and can hardly be explained, a film left orphaned by the early death of its director, Jean-Claude Lauzon, who died with his girlfriend while piloting his Cessna in northern Canada in 1997. One of the truly great original films I have seen in the last 30 years.

George K (fr) wrote: An epic motion picture,Clint Eastwood directed and starred in. The film is a thinly disguised account of writer Peter Viertel's experiences working with John Huston (the Wilson character) while he made the film "The African Queen", which was shot on location in Africa at a time when location shoots outside of the United States were very rare. Quite an adventure.

bill b (us) wrote: Its a weird movie :) but worth watching!