War Fever

War Fever

An inexperienced American lieutenant and two American prisoners are the only force standing between advancing German troops and an Italian town that was "freed" by the trio.

A twist of fate leads a recent Westpoint grad into being responsible for the execution of two fellow American GIs. The young lieutenant comes of age, and the two battle hardened veterans achieve a state of grace through acts of sacrifice. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Martin S (gb) wrote: Manejo exelente de los personajes. Y un guion muy bueno.

Mattias D (it) wrote: Nice and calm movie...

Nicolas (nl) wrote: While watching, I was missing the good old Tarantino-Films.

Carreh R (fr) wrote: von Trier is why my MUBI user name is Dogville59. He wrote Dear Wendy and along with direction by Thomas Vinterberg made this movie. Trier is able to scathingly expose American insanity in this case via its obsession with the gun.Gun proponents should watch this movie. Powerful and cuts through the dark side of America as only Trier can: the same way Dogville does. No wonder a certain segment of America hates him.

Allan C (it) wrote: Starts with a bang, slows to a crawl, then does a 180. Poorly acted, written, incoherent at times. Terrible.

Max M (ag) wrote: A movie that I will have to admit surprised me a lot and I had liked it more than I expected. The plot of Varsity Blues is about a teenager Mox played by James Van Der Beek(yes Dawson from Dawson's Creek) who is not the best football player in the world until one day the all-star quarterback Lance Harbor played by the late Paul Walker gets injured during one of the games and so Mox goes from being small to getting to the top and so Mox struggles with who he is and trying to stick his relationship with his girlfriend Jules played by Amy Smart and also having to deal with Lance's girlfriend played by Ali Larter who tries to seduce while wearing a whipped cream bikini. Varsity Blues is overall a very good movie that had surprised and had some decent acting and has some funny scenes even though for a sports drama like the strip club scene and the character that is probably the comic relief of Varsity Blues has to be Billy Bob(the fat guy) who we see first with his pet pig named bacon. But anyway for a movie ofIt's genre Varsity Blues is a good movie that has decent characters and a decent story as well, and will be a movie that I will want to watch again.

Andrew W (au) wrote: actually one of John Waters best movies

M Jade (de) wrote: Love the broken lizard guys, but this wasnt my fav. movie by them

bill s (jp) wrote: LIotta steals with little effort while the rest of this quirky movie also come up big.

Scott S (kr) wrote: Hardbodies 2 (1986) -- [1.0] -- I know, I know. How could I possibly watch "Hardbodies 2" without having seen "Hardbodies 1"? I guess I'm just getting wreckless with my movie watching. What we have here is a moronic comedy of errors about a soft-core film crew shooting in Greece. The movie itself is also soft-core porn, but no amount of random boobage can make this crap watchable.

sean t (us) wrote: The perfect ghost movie that can please every one they don't make them like they used to

Chinmai R (jp) wrote: Seen a long time ago. And not all of it either. But what I saw wasn't very good.

Filius S (ru) wrote: Death Race takes its name from the cult classic car racing B-movie from the 70's, Death Race 2000... then removes the 2000, throws everything else away and shits all over the entire concept. Enter Jason "I'm Great at Driving Cars in Movies" Statham, a blue collar worker who used to be in NASCAR but was given a career that would make him more relateable to audiences. He comes home from work one day when he gets laid off cause something something recession, and gets framed for (get ready for it): A crime he didn't commit. Now he's in a maximum security prison where they give prisoners ... cars... and make them drive around tracks... to kill eachother, for TV ratings... ugh. Basically it's shitty version of Running Man with cars, and the same color scheme as a call of duty game. Something like 20 minutes into the movie, you'll have figured out the entire plot line (including the ending), and all that's left for you is the car racing/crashes which are honestly really half baked. TL;DR - 3/10The characters are unlikeable, the concept of a cross country race where you murder innocent bystanders is completely butchered, the camp factor is completely erased and replaced with a gritty edge that makes you want a mountain dew, the races are boring and take place on what looks like a crappy level of twisted metal 1. In short, this movie is dreadful. If you want something like this movie that doesn't suck, just watch Death Race 2000, the recently released Speed Racer film or hold out for the upcoming Mad Max release, because honestly, this film borders on being insulting to the viewer.

Jeff B (gb) wrote: This movie starts out quite slowly, but as the characters and the story are developed it picks up steam. Though the ending tries to be upliftiing, ultimately - like Joe Scot's life - it left me with an empty feeling in my stomach. Which, in this case, isn't really all that bad. I thought the casting was very well done.