War Games

War Games

Seven friends travel to the countryside to play war in the woods. They stumble upon three paranoid and sadistic ex-soldiers.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:93 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Seven friends travel to the countryside to play war in the woods. They stumble upon three paranoid and sadistic ex-soldiers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


War Games torrent reviews

Grant S (nl) wrote: Very disappointing. I was expecting a decent docu-drama on the 1911 Chinese revolution. However, even calling this a docu-drama might be giving it more credibility than it is due. Much of the "history" seems contrived for nationalistic purposes. There is a huge amount of embellishment, many of it simply to glorify the revolutionaries and put down everyone else, including the west. In some ways it is nothing more than Chinese propaganda.Script is lame. Dialogue could not be more unrealistic. Even the battle scenes are over-dramatized. Plus, because Jackie Chan is included in the cast we are obliged to have a gratuitous, totally-out-of-place martial arts fight scene...Performances are mostly woeful.Avoid.

Paul K (ru) wrote: Not bad, although I seem to be in a minority on this. Perhaps it's because I used to avidly watch the Lone Ranger programmes when I was young. I though it was hilarious; I didn't enjoy the inordinately long action sequences which added nothing to the story. I agree with many reviewers who have written that it's too long by about an hour. Nonetheless it's a lot of fun and it plays well on the 'Western' tropes.The final action sequence with two trains is wacky in the extreme but fun. If only it were shorter!

Remi D (au) wrote: I'm sorry I loved that movie. you guys go and watch the assasination of Jesse James all you want. Me I wanna have some fun watching movies and not fall asleep. Especially with a western

Anoop K (us) wrote: a complete entertainer movie............. in all aspects................ stylish movie.......... with super songs.........

Christian W (kr) wrote: The fighting was awesome and the romance was decent, a great semi-mushy date film.

Jennifer M (us) wrote: super funny, i love these guys

Tommy H (ru) wrote: It always bugged me when critics use "it's a rip-off" to justify giving a movie a low score. if a movie is a rip-off don't take it out on the movie, take it out on the producer and scriptwriter. If you love The Evil Dead as much as me, seriously, what would you rather do, watch the same movie over and over or watch movies that are pretty much the same but also a little different? Would you rather watch Halloween 10 times in a row or 10 different but very cliched slashers? Demon Wind isn't a great movie but I do appreciate what they tried to do here. The only thing this did better than Evil Dead is after watching the whole trilogy the only character you'll remember is Bruce Campbell, but in Demon Wind I found all the characters memorable. It also has some very original and creepy scenes, such as the destroyed house that looks undamaged when you look through the front door. That freaked me out. I gave the movie 2 stars because it isn't good. My biggest complaint is they rely heavily on special effects which are cheap so the movie is sometimes comical and cartoonish. But I was determined to like this movie so I forgave all its flaws while watch it, like it was a true story and this is just how everything factually played out. Most people might not even give it 2 stars but I think it deserves at least that. If you can show the movie a little love and force yourself to get immersed in the story you might even give it 4 stars. I just wish there were more Evil Dead rip-offs out there. I guess where the plot is so basic it's difficult to think of new ways to tell the same story.And I have to mention the box art. Very cool. It's one of those 3-D pictures so when you move the box you see the demon jump through the window.

Robert A (br) wrote: Very similar to A Nightmare on Elm Street. I enjoyed the special effects. The scene when they go inside the TV was my favorite part of the movie. If anything this is a guilty pleasure.

Quinto W (de) wrote: Gloriously trashy. Linda Blair is a terrible actress, but she gives it her all, and though the movie keeps stalling with scenes that have nothing to do with the plot, it always remains a lot of fun.

Salley P (de) wrote: I honestly don't know even what to think of this film. The actors are so beautiful (probably because they're French), but I questioned myself after I watched the film: What was the point of it? The storyline is truly straightforward, and I guess I just wasn't used to that. The mix of random scenes and the breaking of the fourth wall was an amusing use of Godard's experimentation and it added to the movie's whimsicality. Although I am still confused over what I think about the film, my final conclusion is that I enjoyed every minute of it - it was fun and cute!

Ameeta (mx) wrote: The movie comes along at a good pace, Ella Raines makes it worthwhile. Not one of John Wayne's best work.

Bill M (gb) wrote: Caddyshack had and still has a loose, ragged, "made up as it went along" sense of energy and random silliness that makes it massively fun and endearing. Theres no real plot, just a series of funny episodes and sketches (the best and most memorable of course being Bill Murray's vendetta against a destructive gopher) loosely joined together by all taking place on a golf course. Filled with brilliant comedic invention and classic scenes like Chevy Chase's golf lesson, the dancing puppet gopher or Bill Murray's Cinderella man scene. Featuring the comedy cream of the crop of the late 70's early 80's, Chase, Murray, Rodney Dangerfield (whose every utterance is comedy gold) and Bill's brother Brian Doyle Murray giving genius comedic performances, this is simple, crude, rude and hilarious fun from back when comedies were breezier and and more good natured, even in their raunchiness.

Calvin R (au) wrote: Doom, is tacky, too fast paced, bad performance. The only thing good is the action, and Dwyane Johnson.

Richard H (ca) wrote: it has a great story, one of my favourite movie.

Sandy W (jp) wrote: Really liked it! Mickey Rourke is an underrated actor.