War of the Satellites

War of the Satellites

An "unknown force" declares war against planet Earth when the United Nations disobeys warnings to cease and desist in its attempts at assembling the first satellite in the atmosphere.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:66 minutes
  • Release:1958
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:alien,   explosion,   space,  

An "unknown force" declares war against planet Earth when the United Nations disobeys warnings to cease and desist in its attempts at assembling the first satellite in the atmosphere. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amy H (it) wrote: Awesome amount of gore but the story is a bit confusing! The ending do have a moral, which is good. Still worth watching it

Kiefer F (gb) wrote: for a film about dinosaurs there really isnt alot of dinosaurs in it. the lost world never seems to feel fantastical or fun.

Katie S (ag) wrote: This wasn't as good as the other one was...

Niki L (it) wrote: saw bits and pieces looked no good

babak g (it) wrote: Add a review..Stunning debut film by Dizdar is a unique surprise for short-cuts-style-narrative, seen all trough the contradictions of different worlds of Eastern and Western Europe, war and peace, rality and hallucination and cellmates in each individable unit of the society. A warning for death of humanity and rebirth of genocide, it is a must see in our turbulant world today. .

Michael B (mx) wrote: A nailbitingly tense submarine drama, with excellent performances by all present. It was a little strange to see a young Viggo Mortensen playing a clean cut military cog however.

Cassie H (au) wrote: I had just started liking Carl Weathers after I first started watching him in the Rocky movies.Boy,did my opinnion of him become greater,but I realize after his great acting in the Rocky movies as Apollo Creed,his acting as Jericho "Action" Jackson is PHONOEMENAL!!!

Heidi S (kr) wrote: I am a product of the 80's ..can you tell?

Kim V (nl) wrote: great up to the ending. Sorely disappointed with the woman in the end.

Amethyst v (gb) wrote: Thriller a couple get a bag of money accidentally thrown into a car that results in dire occurances. Turns the wife into a killer.

Paul F (ru) wrote: JUST IMAGINE is a tale of the far-flung future, where people travel in personal airplanes, everyone is given a number instead of a name, marriages are arranged by the government and musical numbers burst forth every ten minutes or so. Yes, it's 1980, and star-crossed lovers J-21 and LN-18 (played by a 19-year-old Maureen O'Sullivan) are trying to get married. But LN-18 has been forcibly betrothed to another, and J-21 has been deemed not important enough to marry her. Trying to figure a way out of their fate, they join friends D-6 and RT-42 (apparently there's less than 67,600 people on Earth--that's the only way this number system would work) at an important scientific event where a group od professors bring back a man who's been dead for fifty years. The man, once among the living once more, is promptly dismissed by the scientists and the gang takes him under their wing. The man calls himself "single zero," speaks with a swedish (?) accent and promptly gets drunk off of a bunch of pills. Soon, J-21's problems are solved when he's randomly chosen to fly the first airplane to Mars, which would result in his stature in the city being increased. D-6 and Single Zero join him and the world and their respective love interests await their return.... Then things get [i]really[/i] silly. JUST IMAGINE is an amazing science fiction melodrama musical comedy with vaudeville numbers, pre-code humor, a reference to Henry Ford's anti-semitism, hairy gorilla monsters, a musical number dedicated to drinking, prohibition jokes, Martians with evil twins, a gay joke, great sets and alien royalty systems straight out of a jungle goddess movie. In short, a fascinating timepiece that's so horribly dated that it gets a new kind of charm. Sure, some of the musical numbers are kind of... well, painful, but "The Drinking Song" has moved into my permanent roster of great movie musical bits. The melodrama is tiresome at times as well, an unfortunate side effect of being a film made before they discovered that mixing wildly different film genres didn't work too well. And the plot will hurt your head if you think about it. If you just go along for the ride, however, JUST IMAGINE is a jaw-dropping treat from the REEFER MADNESS era in which they manage to get just about every prediction of the future so horribly wrong you can't believe your eyes. The acting is as fine as you'd expect so close to the silent era, though El Brendel (playing Single Zero) is more vaudevillian than actor. (He also turned up in Corman's SHE CREATURE decades later!) Sadly, it's never been released on video, but it's a great reason to get the Fox Movie Channel. Still, I'd love to see a remastered version of this without the scratches and with decent sound and a crisper picture. Someone get on this! I command it!

Caleb H (br) wrote: Speechless. The singing was superb!

Aaron M (fr) wrote: Really poor attempt at the classic novel. I appreciate the change on the adaptation, Tim Burton really took chances to make the story his own with his own visual style. It didnt really work for me and seriously lacked the charm of the original.

Omar M (us) wrote: The first half is very strong with its flirtation with having a "Lost in Translation"-esque kind of story. However, it all goes downhill when the script decides to play it safe and bring in the gallons and gallons of sentimentality with the introduction of the typical estranged kids, cancer and other cliches.