War Party

War Party

One hundred years after the Battle of Milk River, both sides agree to reenact it. The cavalry are supposed to shoot blanks & the Indians weren't supposed to fight back....

A group of re-enactors attempt to stage a hundred year anniversary battle between US Cavalry and Blackfeet Indians. Unfortunately racial hostilities and a real gun lead to some all too real... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


War Party torrent reviews

J H (au) wrote: worst movie ever. the trees had better acting. the best part was when I gave it back to the red box.

Virendra N (us) wrote: edgy fast paced grisly violence movie

Paul C (au) wrote: I really wanted to like this film because of Bruce Campbell. But it was just not that good. The story was in pieces and it was not that entertaining. Plus it is sad to say, but Bruce Campbell did not do good at all. It was like he didn't feel comfortable as his character. This movie had potential to be good and I think it just kind of failed.

Julian Y (kr) wrote: Just watch Maximum Overdrive. You'll have more fun.

Patrick K (us) wrote: very good mr mamet, very good. whoevers side you pick, your wrong.

Kyle K (ca) wrote: With a hilarious title like this, you know it's gonna be a non-stop laugh riot.

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Kristi G (gb) wrote: An ok movie. Has a couple funny parts.

Erin D (ag) wrote: fascinating, the more i watch these films, the more i like them and i'm drawn deeper into their lives.

Barhoom M (ru) wrote: Amazing.... also listen to the theme

Martin T (us) wrote: A movie based on a Broadway musical based on a Fellini movie... and it's not Nine. In this case, it's based on Nights of Cabiria (my favorite Fellini), the director is Bob Fosse, and it stars Shirley Maclaine. Sounds promising so far. As Fosse's first film, it fares pretty well... but there are some missteps. The over-reliance on goofy freeze-frames and stills gets old fast, and there's some superfluous bits. The "Rhythm of Life" routine is a wholly unnecessary diversion, and quite stupid as well. It's one of those things you see a lot in musicals, where it just takes this weird detour on some insignificant plot detail, solely for the sake of cramming in another number. It would be forgiveable if the number was better. Some of the gags aren't very funny, and I'd say Maclaine, for all her charm and vitality, doesn't sing very well. But the choreography is absolutely magnificent, and the movie bursts with splendid color and set design. Even as an adaptation of Cabiria, it's not half bad. The climax is changed considerably, but neither for better or worse... Fosse's way works just fine. Nowhere near the brilliance of All That Jazz, but an enjoyable flick.

Scott R (us) wrote: Good and gritty western.

Anna L (us) wrote: Jesus, that was a bleak film.

Eliabeth W (fr) wrote: The real Frances Farmer (portrayed by Jessica Lang in the movie "Frances") is stunningly beautiful and innocent.

Chantal B (us) wrote: While perhaps a little over optimistic about cabinet members's enthusiasm for budget cuts to support homeless shelters, DAVE manages to somehow pull you out of the cynicism modern-day politics has wrought. With such intelligent acting and scriptwriting, it's hard not to like Dave - character or eponymous film - and hope that there are already Daves somewhere in the government, working on worthwhile issues.

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