War Story

War Story

Lee is a world-weary American woman who arrives in an Italian city. Her tangles with hotel staff, incessant smoking and her disregard of the persistently ringing telephone hint at her volatility brewing beneath the surface. Between fitful naps, she wanders the streets, snapping pictures of refugees as if her camera were both weapon and olive branch. Struggling to confront her demons, Lee resolves to help a beautiful young woman in need.

A war photographer, Lee goes to Sicily instead of going back home in New York to forget about being taken hostage in Libya. On the way, she crosses paths with her former lover and mentor Albert and tries to help Hafsia, a young Tunisian migrant escape to France. Lee realizes Hafsia has a striking resemblance to a Libyan girl Lee photographed just before, the incidental meeting evokes her memories about time of detainment in Libya… . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David T (it) wrote: I had really high hopes for this movie, but ultimately, I was a bit disappointed. The movie starts of with a bang. The acting and direction are completely believable, and the story sucks you in like a whirlpool. It looks and feels like a genuine documentary. The killer is at first very spot on and realistic, but then... he NEVER SHUTS UP! The entire motive behind his killing was to get rid of girls who "think that they are untouchable, and above him," yet he himself is a completely self-obsessed narcissist. Perhaps that was the point, but it grated on my nerves something fierce. I felt like I was watching a documentary about Ferris Bueller teaching me how to kill women in between hearing the poetry that is himself talking to himself and practicing his broody looks and pouty lip puckers. But overall, this was definitely worth watching. Almost all of the "interviewees" are top notch and fully believable, and there are some truly stomach-pitting moments of horror, with some grisly blood and gore FX, as you can see from the poster shown here (sorry, Facebook friends!). There are far worse horror mockumentaries to be watched, for sure, but I could not get over the cocky and overly-tried screen presence of the lead actor. But that might just be me..

andy m (es) wrote: this movie at first i didnt get it now it is one of the funniest things i've ever seen cheak it out

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Greg W (de) wrote: reminded me of bad val lewton

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Molly R (it) wrote: This is a very faithful adaptation of the Thomas Hardy novel. It has great performances and wonderful scenery.

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tiffany d (br) wrote: One, this story is not just a continuation of Pitch Black. It is the 3rd in the series. This was most certainly made for the fans who have kept up with the films. The story line picks up almost immediately after the end of the 2nd film, Chronicles of Riddick, with Riddick being the leader of the Necromongers. The action is very true to the first two films and I was quite pleased. As a fan of the series, I am quite happy. Now for a 4th.

Jose Miguel G (jp) wrote: With well crafted direction, a faithful script and terrific adaptation of the source material, V for Vendetta manages to accomplish a crude and interesting look at the dystopian-political scenario, complementing a great premise with the astonishing performances of Hugo Weaving and Natalie Portman.