In a brutal, radioactive future, fearless warrior Dow (David Carradine) is humanity's last hope against the Warlord and his mutant hordes. With the gorgeous, deadly Danny (Dawn Wildsmith) and the strange Ammo at his side, Dow makes desperate war on the fierce desert savages who threaten to overrun the world. Courage and resourcefulness on an heroic scale lead to a final, bitter triumph in this epic action lead to a final, bitter triumph in this epic action adventure in future tense.

Dow is an ex-soldier searching the wasteland for his wife who was taken from him by the Warlord. With only a disembodied, wisecracking head and a renegade woman named Danny as his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Warlords torrent reviews

Kirsten H (ca) wrote: Pretty good movie, but a little too much cursing.

Bals A (gb) wrote: The topic of the movie is very important but uncomfortable and how Van Sant imagines makes it more uncomfortable but you just can't avoid to think about it. It never judges just show. And shows brilliantly.

Leann D (nl) wrote: biography of Frank Lloyd Wright

Alejandro R (fr) wrote: An overall great film that can be entered into the annals of cinematic history as one of the great biopics. Casting, acting, score, writing -all came together well for this motion picture. It also closes well with the ending notes on where the individuals were at the time of the film.

Jonathan S (au) wrote: The cinematic equivalent of flipping through a National Geographic. This is a breathtaking epic of poetry in motion that leaves more than enough to think and talk about.

Kelly G (jp) wrote: I have watched this movie every time it came on. Love the Billy Jack movies. I saw it in 1971 and it is still good.

James K (br) wrote: This is something I can only describe as an absurdist blaxploitation film, and entirely one-of-a-kind for its day and age. I can tell where Downey, Jr gets his fabulously nuanced sense of humor.

Niels S (es) wrote: rtusindets hidtil bedste western holdt til et gensyn 12 r efter. Hvor er den film dog bare skidegod. Kemien mellem Costner og Duvall er fantastisk.

Simon R (us) wrote: Positives: a very good and awesome concert of Metallica the set on the stage was awesome the majority of the plot line was good and interesting when the main character set himself on fire and fought of the guys (which was badass even though he really should have died)Negatives: shitty ending confusing and stupid final battleOverall: only watch if you are massive Metallica fan and would recommend just watching the scenes with the songs as the side plot was poorly executed. Had potential but sadly messed up big time