Warning from Space

Warning from Space

The citizens of Tokyo panic when they see UFOs in the sky. The aliens are benign, however, and have come to warn of a meteor on a collision course with Earth. As the meteor approaches, the Earth's atmosphere begins to heat up, and mankind must race to construct a weapon to destroy it.

UFO's are seen around Tokyo. Because they look like giant starfish the aliens cannot approach us without creating panic. Hence one of them sacrifices itself and takes the form of a popular ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Don S (it) wrote: Wild romp with Nazi zombies in Norway. Lots of blood and campy violence. The crux of the story is the zombies are still harassing the people of this small town decades after WWII because of something they had stolen from them. This group of friends finds it and the mayhem begins. Not your typical slow-moving zombies. Decent indie horror.

Jiana W (de) wrote: An offbeat and unusual romance. The relationship between Elvis and his father is incredibly touching and sweet. It's something you don't see too often on-screen and, really, it is probably the highlight of the whole film and definitely the most moving element therein.

Hans M (es) wrote: The Jet Bomber is Amazing .

Zarinah H (nl) wrote: "A Love to Hide" may focus on the persecution against homosexuals in WW II France, but it's also more than that - it's about anti-Semitism, collaborators, sibling rivalry,guilt and love in its myriad forms.This French-language movie begins with a young Jewish girl, Sara Morgenstern who is the only survivor after her family is massacred by collaborators in Paris. She goes to the only person she knows, her childhood sweetheart Jean Lavandier whose family runs a laundry business. Jean takes her to Phillipe, where Phillipe reluctantly agrees to put Sara up. Unknown to Sara, Phillipe and Jean are lovers and this proves to be an awkward living arrangement. Sara is given a fake ID and works in Jean's family laundry under the assumed Aryan identity as Yvonne. In the meantime, Jacques, Jean's brother, a thief is serving time in prison. When he is released, he meets and falls for Yvonne [Sara] and is jealous at his brother's closeness with her, but is later mortified to learn Jean's true sexual inclination. An impulsive act puts Jean's life in jeopardy as he is arrested, leaving his family in turmoil and affecting everyone's lives.The time period for this movie is from WW II, 1942 till liberation and also to the present day. There are many themes portrayed in this movie, but the most important is the persecution of homosexuals by the Nazi regime. One of the main characters in the story gets carted off to concentration camps, Flossenburg and later Dachau, in an attempt to "re-educate". Viewers will get a brutal picture of the treatment of the prisoners with the pink triangles, i.e. homosexuals during this period. They were loathed by the Nazis and toyed with in the most inhuman manner - there are graphic depictions of torture in this movie which are credibly portrayed as historical facts will attest.Besides the persecution of homosexuals, there are other themes which are also well-portrayed - the sibling rivalry between Jean and Jacques resulting in tragic consequences, the unrequited love that Sara harbors for Jean and which Jacques harbors for Sara, the portrayal of anti-Semitism within the general populace of France as evidence by Jean's father and other civilians, and the wanton acts of collaboration carried out by a number of French civilians during the Nazi occupation, even the French gendarmes who help in the deportation of the Jews and other "undesirables" to the camps."A Love to Hide" is a truly compelling portrayal of the upheavals in France during WW II and will appeal to all those interested in WW II history, the Holcoaust and especially of the persecution of homosexuals during this period. Another interesting movie dealing with this topic is "Bent" starring Clive Owen.

Richard M (au) wrote: Important prejudice parable based on the Arthur Miller novel. Despite its giant plot holes, fine performances create a thought-provoking study of dangerous cultural tribalism.

Hiran K (au) wrote: A story of a match fixer who lost his way in between the love of his life & his addiction to make quick money....!

Tsukasa A (fr) wrote: Thanks to performance of Harrison Ford and Kristin Scott Thomas, it's entertaining but I wish the plot was somewhat more realistic.

Chuck D (fr) wrote: Wow, kinda brutal for a Sammo Hung movie but still great. kids playing Russian roulette, a stuttering guy...

Tom H (ca) wrote: very good war movie with a young Robert Mitchum in a small part.great patriotism and valor is displayed for our viewing pleasure.

Steve W (es) wrote: A wondrous delight. Fellini at his best.

Greggory B (gb) wrote: One of the best thrillers that most have never seen, let alone know of.

Simon L (ru) wrote: One of Roger Corman's best remembered Sci-Fi offerings, and some would say "best" period. It's not. In fact, it's actually pretty standard B-Movie fare. Crab Monsters has a wide reputaion for being deceptively deep or creepy or something like that, but I just don't see it. It's too short, too cheep, and to simplistic in just about all levels. Good for the MST3k crowd, or people who like any black and white movie with a monster, but pretty dull to anyone else.

Nik M (gb) wrote: Breathtakingly and painfully strong images protruding from the screen one after another. Night and Fog is hard to watch but applies its violent exposition to a universal context; a statement that is applicable to all of humanity in the roughest and clearest of ways.

Joel H (ag) wrote: Obviously influential and surprisingly dramatic, Grand Hotel leaves an impression on you. Almost any movie featuring an ensemble cast owes this 1932 Best Picture Winner a debt of gratitude. Although I do wonder why this film won Best Picture that year when it doesn't have the emotional punch of The Champ, nor does it have the iconic characters like in Scarface. It may seem a little dated now, but Grand Hotel is still worth a watch.