Two powerful female warriors must journey across a post-apocalyptic land to fight a ritual duel, and fulfill an ancient prophecy.

Two powerful female warriors must journey across a post-apocalyptic land to fight a ritual duel, and fulfill an ancient prophecy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Warrioress torrent reviews

Christopher D (ag) wrote: Great Fun with more then a hint of Claustrophobia . This Scfi/action horror does more with its low budget then many " Hollywood " films do with theirs . The film is a Love letter to Alien not just with its monster or its " monster in the Ducts" but with its strong and sexy lead the tough Nicole Alonso . Also like Alien , Crawl or die puts our cast into a situation where the hopelessness and the claustrophobic nature of the film starts to effect the viewers . Feeling of panic as the creature reaches for a foot , the tightness of the tunnels and the earth falling into our heroines face as she crawls ever onwards - you find yourself taking deep breaths and willing her forwards . I would love a " Making of " Dvd for this film as some of the shots of Nicole must have been torture . If you love B-movies , scares feelings of panic and sexy lady's kicking butt , i recommend this .

Jason J (es) wrote: From the director of Suicide Circle comes this bizarre, surreal, twisted, disturbing and downright sick movie. I didn't have a clue what was going on at first but by the end it made some kind of sense. Those that are easily offended better stay away from this one.

Lee W (au) wrote: A top rate cast, Travolta, Gandolfini, Hayek, Dern , Leto, Scott Caan & Alice Krige star in this late forties/early fifties set crime thriller kinda Bonnie & Clyde like! Deffo worth a viewing!

Greg W (ca) wrote: awesome movie full of surprizing twist n turns

Les E (ca) wrote: This one missed the mark, possibly because it just rehashed old ideas.

Alex M (ru) wrote: When I was a kid, this movie for some reason always depressed me.

Matthew S (mx) wrote: Michael Apted's film of Loretta Lynn is a solid film. It captures both the beauty and the pain that created this amazing artist. And, Sissy Spacek doesn't even appear to be acting. She simply IS Lynn. Also more than worthy of mention is Beverly D'Angelo's all too brief role as Patsy Cline. It may not attempt to go too far beyond a standard rags to riches trope, but it is still a great film.

Nick D (jp) wrote: A true, creepy, inspired, iconic masterpiece.

Ken S (ru) wrote: The British Raging Bull.

Christy P (ca) wrote: Oliver Reed is the best thing in this one, but it's still engaging enough. My problem with it is it's lack of understanding of the Catholic faith. There's a baptism scene where the priests seem hesitant to go through with the ceremony because of the sudden winds and storms that are coming up all of a sudden...as if it's a warning sign or something. But any real priest would not only never have any second thoughts about a baptism; if he felt there was a demonic force around, he would be all the more insistent on performing the baptism as soon as possible. It's weird how many movies will act as though priests, the very ones who are at the head of dealings with evil spirits, etc., are somehow cowards.

Harrison R (au) wrote: Can't say the story was at all accurate, but the characters and acting are great