Warum Du schöne Augen hast

Warum Du schöne Augen hast


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Juha T (es) wrote: En ole isnmaallinen mies.

Christopher H (br) wrote: Without the talented Emily Browning, "Plush" would almost be unwatchable. But with her innocent style mixed with the precarious nature of her character, she becomes the focal point of this feature as Hayley, the rockstar that loses her brother/bandmate to drugs. Following a poorly received second album, Hayley begins an intimate connection with her new guitarist Enzo (Xavier Samuel) rather than being at home with her husband (Cam Gigandet) and her son. This connection slowly turns obsessive as Enzo reveals himself to be more than Hayley bargained for and the thriller portion of the film ensues. "Plush" is not as much predictable as it is dull and anti-climatic, begging for the "dun-dun-dun" of a hokey horror score. Browning is the glue that holds this film together, keeping the viewer invested just to see her losing herself in the character and leaving all inhibitions at the door. She's a bright young actress that deserves much more than she's given yet continues to surprise through every bad role and B-rated movie.

Noreen R (ru) wrote: Predictable & lame acting...too bad cause the story line had such potential

Karen G (kr) wrote: what a disappointment. I came so close to walking out on this one.

Brandy M (it) wrote: One of the scariest movies I've ever seen.

Pablo G (nl) wrote: Cleverly wirtten but with an ending tat feels inconclusive, as many other school shooting movies before and after, Elephant manages to tell a tale with style and class and with enough interest in the students in order to make the movie feel more like the tale of the situation and not the tale of the murderers, giving the life of every student a particualr importance as well as giving importance to the massacre itself, without gloryfying it.

Matt M (es) wrote: Feeling there was more life to squeeze out of the movie about a professor with a youth serum, Eddie Murphy is back, this time in a film that places a lot more emphasis on his ability to play a whole range of characters at once; the whole family of the nutty professor. Plot wise, this is annoyingly clichd with little difference from the first movie, and a great amount of visual and physical jokes, but Eddie Murphy is still funny.

Martin K (de) wrote: Phill Lovecraft and a world of Magic where he is the only one not using such cheap tricks ... hmm, not sure I get the moral in that, I mean its so subtle, hehe

Samantha C (nl) wrote: Not her best work... but entertaining if you turn off your brain

Petros T (jp) wrote: "42nd Street" is a very pleasant musical, a big part of which isn't about musical numbers but plot and character evolution. There are times that it isn't quite clear who the protagonist is, if there is one, and that works to the film's merit: the main roles all get their stories told in turns. From an acting perspective Warner Baxter shines as the sick, shouting but committed director. Lastly, Busby Berkeley's musical numbers during the finale are marvelous and will please all fans of the genre.

Robert C (mx) wrote: Despite some painful jokes and unsettling visuals, the Grinch is still charming, and Jim Carrey's Looney Tune performance steals the show.

David X (jp) wrote: It's great if you are into that thriller/horror stuff. Unfortunately I'm not

Tyler P (ag) wrote: The acting in this movie was TERRIBLE! I was so distracted by it that the plot became irrelevant and I just took it as improv comedy.

K K (de) wrote: B-Bruce willis and jessica abla very good, lacks a story, cool cinematography

Kristopher P (mx) wrote: Political satire at its best, a Paul Verhoeven classic.

Ola G (es) wrote: Bunker Hill Military Academy has just concluded another school year. Cadet Brian Moreland (Timothy Hutton), an academic junior, meets privately with the academy commandant, retired Brigadier General Harlan Bache (George C. Scott). Bache promotes Moreland to Cadet Major, the paramount rank at BHMA. Bache also reflects on the time when he was a West Point cadet (Moreland's intended college), as well as a graduate of BHMA prior to that, and how he dreads civilian life with his forthcoming retirement. Moreland is congratulated by several good friends: Cadet Captains David Shawn (Tom Cruise) and Alex Dwyer (Sean Penn), as well as Cadet Lieutenant Edward West (Evan Handler). Following the ceremonies, General Bache announces that BHMA's board of trustees is selling the school to real estate developers; however, they will remain open for one more year in order to allow the seniors to graduate and give the underclassmen time to apply to other schools. The delay gives many cadets hope that BHMA - which many of them consider home - can be saved. Bache also expresses his hope that the institute can be saved, as he wryly remarks to Moreland "We are here, and the condos are not". The graduation ceremony is also honored with a ball that evening. Outside the gates, a brawl erupts when several "townies" harass the cadets, which escalates into one local actually assaulting a sentry. General Bache sees this and tries to play peacemaker by breaking up the fighting boys, however his service pistol is seized by one of the townies. During their scuffle, the weapon discharges - killing one of the townies. Although the magazine was removed, a round was still in the chamber. Bache is arrested and has charges prepared against him for manslaughter. However, the trauma of the event combined with the arrest triggered a heart attack which results in Bache's hospitalization in critical condition. The board of trustees closes BHMA immediately. Moreland meets with the officers of the cadet corps. Since Bache is ill, they take control of Bunker Hill. The Dean of Students arrives with the local Sheriff to empty the armory. They find the weapons in the hands of an armed cadre led by Major Moreland... who demands to meet with General Bache, as well as the trustees so that BHMA will be kept open. The Dean and Sheriff are escorted off the campus by armed cadets, who secure the perimeter. The cadets are soon confronted by the real military and the tension between the cadets and the military forces outside Bunker Hill Military Academy is slowly built up..."Taps" shows us how promising Timothy Hutton, Tom Cruise and Sean Penn were as actors already in 1981 and its no wonder all three has had long and still ongoing careers. The storyline is based on how theory can sound convincing in the classroom, while in practice its something else, but also how young minds can easily be manipulated and altered by conflicting ideals of what honour and valour means and how far you will go in your conviction. "Taps" is also a comment on the armed services and the consequences you might suffer while in action. Theres no glory or honour in death. The film has a touch of a "documentary" feeling and Hutton, Penn and Cruise are convincing in their performances. Yes, "Taps" feels a bit "80s" today when re-seeing it and the film is a bit stretched and not fully dynamic, but the main thought of it is still current and will most likely continue to be so.

Daniel H (br) wrote: The story of a working class miner who tries to find his place in a rugby team. This is a breakthrough role for Richard Harris before his roles in the Man Called Horse series and naturally way before Dumbledore. The performance of Rachel Roberts as a widow who has become a bitter lonely shell of a person since her husband's death is a standout and contrasts Harris's rough and tough, "ape on a football field" personality. It also shows a slice of life in 1960's Britain, Wakefield, to be precise. Notable for William Hartnell's role as a talent scout before he became more famous as the first Doctor Who.