Violence in Korean High School, especially inside the WaSanGo (Volcano High). You won't be able to escape.

Violence in Korean High School, especially inside the WaSanGo (Volcano High). You won't be able to escape. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Courtney K (fr) wrote: this wasn't very good. i don't know why i watched the whole thing.

Karen R (au) wrote: Wonderful! gritty at times but ultimately a feel good, romantic revenge movie :)

Wyatt B (us) wrote: Once again Todd Solondz develops a truly original, truly disturbing, and truly provocative film all in one. Absolutely brilliant.

Sir KyL C (de) wrote: There are a few films that you watch that are so emotionally powerful, once they are over you can't remember the flaws. Like our life, it is the high points that we cling to in our hearts. It is that perfect ray of sunlight that strikes at just the right moment, in just the right place, and you carry it with you the rest of your life. For me, the film is just about as perfect as a film gets. MY LIFE WITHOUT ME tells the story of a woman that about to die. Instead of being a sad film, the diagnosis of death is used as a platform for a heroic embracing of life. Sarah Polly does a wonderful job playing the dying Ann. Mark Ruffalo is great.Even Deborah Harry delivers a stellar performance. I am sure critics can pick this film apart. But for me this is an amazing, inspiring tale that is worth seeing. Seriously, I believe in this film. I have had soooo many copies of it stolen by lending it out. Track it down. Watch it. You will be better for having seen it.

Stacy A (br) wrote: I must admit, I purchased this movie because I knew Jim Varney was in it. He was such a wonderful and versatile actor but I found it slightly uncomfortable hearing those foul words come from his mouth.(it was only a couple). It's not something I'm used to with him. Billy Bob Thorton really hit the nail on the head about dysfunctional families and this was about as dysfunctional as it gets. I'm from the South and, of course, I've never seen families like this in real life even though they're out there. I do like Billy's role as 'Carl' from "Slingblade" better. Jim Varney, as 'Uncle Hazel' is the only non drinker in the movie while the rest can really put away the alcohol. Uncle Hazel is falsely accused of attempted murder and is thrown in jail. The rest of the clan rally together to help him out of this situation. The first two lawyers, whom of which were married, didn't pan out and they ended up with a public defender. The courtroom scene with Jim Varney is one of the best scenes in my opinion. Claude is married to Ruby but used to date her sister, Rose. Jealousy is a big player in this. Claude and Ruby are very jealous of each other, but perhaps Ruby has some reason for it. Claude still flirts with Rose as she flirts right back. It's harmless flirting but it's a big hit for Ruby's self esteem. I think this movie pretty much translates to: "Stand by your family, accept each other but also respect one another and consider their feelings the next time you say or do something toward them."

Anthony J (gb) wrote: Long, cliched and stupid.

William T (kr) wrote: Norris and his team are in a POW camp under the watch of crazy dictator guy.Who guards a rope bridge with a flame thrower?Where did that extra leg come from?

Biswa r (fr) wrote: An all time classic in Indian cinema just incomparable

Anti R (es) wrote: The hero is white, his nemesis is his contrary, so he's black.... And the good white boy has superpowers! He recognizes the bad guy because he is. ... BLACK! And we pretend this is not racist ?

David T (jp) wrote: I am into a variety of comedies and I really love watching films that have a bunch of odditites. I also love the fact that this has a big cast, especially Ben Stiller and Hank Azaria (The Simpsons, which I have enjoyed since I was a kid). I don't care for Janeane Garofalo due to her cockiness, I love her character though. Ben Stiller's performance was comical. Same goes for Mr. Hank Azaria and the others. I didn't have any problems with this film and I just consider this one of my all time, if not ALL TIME favorite underrated films of the 1990s. The laughs don't end and is just perfect for anyone who loves comedy. 5 stars and a thumbs up!