Washington Square

Washington Square

Set in 1870's New York, a spinster heiress is courted by a much younger, penniless man, much to the chagrin of her over-protective father, and must decide whether to spend the rest of her life alone, or marry a man who is interested in her only because of her inheritence.

Catherine Sloper has found the man of her dreams in Morris Townsend, but her plans to marry him are strongly opposed by her father, who believes Townsend is only interested in his daughter ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ian R (ru) wrote: Incredibly candid look at people you can't help but hate and a revealing look at the financial crisis through the eyes of the super rich.

Ian W (gb) wrote: I found this movie on Hulu one night and was intrigued by both it's horrible title, and completely lack of reviews. I was not disappointed.The use of budget for special effects was spot on- they managed to give us both the claustrophobic experience of being confined in a small room for years, but at the same time gave us some truly lovely visuals in space. If you like one-room sci fi dramas, and/or Apollo 13, give this a shot. I love space films and this scratched that itch quite nicely.

Kelly F (au) wrote: Nice Indie spin on the Rom Com -- refreshing to see some new faces.

Jocelyn B (it) wrote: it's competently shot, the acting isn't bad. It's just the writing and characters are flat, the plot is very simple and extremely obvious and the execution leaves zero suspense or mystery. Some of the kills even lift directly from earlier Urban Legend movies, and one kill is a rip off of a scenario in I Still Know What You Did Last Summer.

Ryan E (br) wrote: Based around a funny premise and the pretentious art scenes were hilarious but the story made little sense.

Hakiem R (au) wrote: Most underrated romantic comedy.. I'm a sucka for romance.. No homo

Sally S (gb) wrote: great movie!...the ending wasnt that great...the whole movie was good, but for it to end the way it did, and for everything to lead up to that...otherwise the acting was teriffic!!

Jayden (nl) wrote: this is a really good movie!

Tobias J (au) wrote: Dunpeal is not told to bring her back safety he is told to bring her back one way or another or dead or alive. VHD is the best anime i ever has seen and is most underrated after my taste 5/5 stars

dyl p (au) wrote: I didn't see the movie,but I don't want to,I saw the nostalgia critic review and it sounds like a 6 year old wrote the screenplay,you should watch the nostalgia critic review,it's really funny.

sanfr p (es) wrote: Se nota una enorme mejoria con respecto a aquellos tiempos de 'Hasta el viento tiene miedo', aqui los momentos de susto funcionan un poco mas aun en la actualidad, ademas hay un manejo de la ambientacion que es todavia mejor. Definitivamente de lo mejor del cine mexicano (y no solo de su genero).

Nick L (es) wrote: Worse than I remembered, didn't think that was possible.

Patrick E (fr) wrote: The main concept of a good slasher film is to create a sense of fun, nothing is taken too seriously and we can sit back and enjoy the ride. With this in mind, you know you are watching a poor film when you're bored for the majority of the running time as well as counting down the minutes until the film is over. Cornered is very much in the bad category and ended up being a real disappointment.The main problem with Cornered is due to the first hour of the film being utterly devoid of plot development. Almost nothing happens bar un-likeable characters talking utter nonsense around a poker table that has very little to do with the films main plot. The opening five minutes tells us all we need to know; a serial killer is on the loose and has taken a fancy to attacking people in late night shops and stealing the CCTV footage. We find this out from our rag tag group of shop employees and a delivery man (played by Steve Guttenberg of all people) who are discussing the various ways they would like to kill the killer if given the chance. Deliveryman Guttenberg disappears for the next 60 minutes as our group holds a late night poker game, one of them gets strung out and starts hallucinating about a cockroach attack, an other takes phone calls as a sex line operator and the rest talk utter rubbish. The actual killer doesn't start slicing and dicing until the last 20 minutes, and surprise surprise he starts bumping them off the way they said they would kill him. Anyone with half a brain will have figured out who the killer is after the opening 5 minutes which makes you wonder exactly why bothered to keep his identity a secret for so long.I must admit that the last 20 minutes were quite fun, although there is very little gore to be found here making the film quite tame. The final reveal is laughable though and the previous 60 minutes are a pain to sit through. It's almost as if someone came up with an idea for a short film and then extended it by adding in a ridiculous amount of padding. I'm not sure if the director was trying to make the opening 60 minutes funny or not, if he was then he failed miserably. In the end, Cornered would have been much better as a short film or as an hour long episode of Maters of Horror. Sadly it ends up being a rather tame slasher film with a painfully obvious killer and far too much padding. You're better off giving this a miss.

JH K (kr) wrote: Me pone de muy mala ostia el final. El mensaje es una mierda, el puto mundo y su gentuza apesta.

Adam L (jp) wrote: "Project A," Jackie Chan's impressive Victorian era slapstick swashbuckler, is the brainchild of ideas brooding in the actor during his [first] forgettable stint in early 1980's Hollywood ("The Big Brawl," "Cannonball Run") and the need to transcend his previous accomplishments (sans 1982's "Dragon Lord" Chan's first iconic flop in the domestic market). Golden Harvest Studios, despite receiving disappointing returns on their preceding Jackie Chan endeavor, spared no expense so the newly minted star could lavish his audience with an early colonial Hong Kong homage to a number of Hollywood's great physical comedies from the silent era. A recognizable first in many regards "Project A" helped fuel the momentum away from Shaolin -- the temples and their inhabitants the fizzling subjects of popular Cantonese cinema by the early '80s -- as well as unite former classmates Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, and Yuen Biao on the first of three pictures that the trio headlined. The net result is some of Chan's best laid plans that occasionally went awry as evidenced in the blooper reel over the end credit sequence (another first in the Jackie Chan cannon).