Wasted Youth

Wasted Youth

Harris, a 16 year old boy spends his day skateboarding aimlessly around Athens with his friends. Vassilis, a middle aged cop, is frustrated with his dead-end job and crammed in his small apartment with his family.

Harris, a 16 year old boy spends his day skateboarding aimlessly around Athens with his friends. Vassilis, a middle aged cop, is frustrated with his dead-end job and crammed in his small apartment with his family. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daniel P (ca) wrote: Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children has a somewhat convoluted plot, but it's an absorbing fantasy with some stylishly dark visuals and entertaining performances.

Gemma W (mx) wrote: I love the new scooby movies, I get them as soon as I can, but it did not need a musical version. Watchable, may be engaging for children but less so for older fans of the show.

TR J (ru) wrote: This documentary is not broadly about being "Inside the New York Times," but instead is much more narrowly focused on the dilemma of current newspapers as they try to survive in an era of internet coverage that has largely supplanted the papers in the public mind. It's a weak documentary, skipping around in its focus on a handful of key figures at the Times in 2010, trying to make a case for the traditional newspaper journalism while occasionally following the staff's pursuit of a particular story of note. I strongly favor the continuation of newspapers like the NY Times and agree that the resources and structure they bring to news gathering is essential to a healthy democracy. I agree, too, that the state of internet reporting is diffuse and incapable of delivering both solid regional coverage and major investigative journalism at its best. But I would have preferred to find out more about the workings of the NY Times today. This film doesn't provide that at all. It takes up an important issue about journalism in the 21st century, but that's not what I expected or wanted from this particular documentary--at least, not as the primary focus. That broader inquiry belongs in another documentary not ostensibly about the NY Times but about the world of reporting and the role of internet and print journalism separately and in conjunction.

Ryland D (mx) wrote: An extremely important feminist response to modern media and women in power. Truly eye-opening.

Dylan D (gb) wrote: Zombieland is a genre lover's dream come true, a movie that's put it all together, realized what the genre is all about, and what it needs to continue on, at least with a fresh and novel approach to keep things cinematically interesting until the real Zombies start poking their (literally) rotten noses into everything, and then movies won't matter, anyway. Indeed, Zombieland is the Star Trek of its genre. Hip, happening, true to its roots, but taking a few liberties and incorporating some new ideas that make it all the more fun and fresh and infinitely entertaining, Director Ruben Fleischer's Zombieland is primed to become a modern classic and a pillar in Zombie movie lore. With a sequel rumored to be in the works, cinephiles can only hope that the (potential) series retains the charm, wit, and allure of this exceptionally-crafted and altogether wonderful Horror/Comedy hybrid extravaganza.

Nicolas F (au) wrote: Kusturica a fait une caricature de ses prcdents films. Certains passages sont drles mais on a perdu la lgret habituelle de l'humour.

Kean Hooi T (it) wrote: Snazzy and looks great, a must watch for Hitman's fans.

Carlo K (gb) wrote: Weird and wonderful film with warm colours and dreamy haze.. Good on a big screen.. Guy Maddin's absurd style isn't for everyone though..

Spencer H (gb) wrote: Not the best comedy movie, but surly not the worst.

Kevin E (mx) wrote: This was quite a good movie but was quite hard to get what it was about. The acting was really good and hopkins was very good as usual. It's not a film I would buy but it might appeal to some. I wouldn't recommend it really.

Phillip B (de) wrote: I went into this movie thinking it was a slasher along the same lines of 'Silent Night Deadly Night'. I was expecting a guy in a Santa outfit killing folks. Not what I got, but I dig what I did get. We dive into the mind of a man who is obsessed with Santa. He works at a toy factory, spies on kids as well keeps a recorded on them, his house if FILLED with Christmas memorabilia. He's a well meaning-ed guy, but also obviouslly disturbed. For me that was the fun of this movie, getting to know this guy, being 100% unsure of what hes going to do next. So it gets to the point where he steals a bunch of toys from his work and delivers them to a mental hospital. (Dawwww) then some folks give him a hard time about him being dressed as Santa on christmas, which I really didn't get, so he stabs them, (Not so Dawwwwww) the rest of the movie is him running, hiding, and being chased down. I have 2 main gripes with this movie. The first one being what makes Harry insane. In the descriptions it says He "was traumatized as a child, when late at night on Christmas Eve, he walked into the family living room and saw his father, dressed as Santa Claus, having sex with his mother" but in the film that doesn't -really- happen (at least not in the cut I was watching) all he sees is his dad as Santa fondling the mothers legs, as she is in a skimpy outfit. Disturbing? Yes. But not to the point of yielding these kind of crazy crops. Towards the end it gets rather silly, and at the very end it jumps the shark completely and what happens feels -VERY- out of place. End result Fantastic build up but not a satisfying conclusion. Worth the watch. Who knows you may even like the ending.

Ryan G (jp) wrote: You know what, anyone who watches this movie thinks that it;s gonna be the perfect war film probably should not be watching films at all. Granted there's no such thing as a perfect film. Midway is pretty corny but it was also made in 1976, that's really not an excuse though which is why this film gets a lower rating from me even though I did not think it was that bad. I can;t help but call the acting terrible, even Henry Fonda is sort of ehh, but he really did not have that big of a role. One good thing I will say about the film which makes me give it two and a half stars, is the overall feel of the film. I felt I was in the 1940's, while I wasn't born in the 1940's from what I know about it, the film does a good job of giving it that old school feel.

Tony M (au) wrote: Excellent acting with great cinematography. I feel like Eastwood glorified Chris Kyle as much as Chris Kyle did, but no doubt he portrayed war as ruthless and unnecessary.

Andrew H (ag) wrote: Liked this movie way more than I thought I would have. Exciting, funny, action packed and moves at just the right pace.

Naomi P (it) wrote: Not as bad as I imagined. But not a favorite either.

Julia P (mx) wrote: "I don't like sand".

PS H (nl) wrote: This one is a keeper! Great suspense and had us discussing the plot the next couple of days...

Eric H (nl) wrote: Stylish and masterfully shot, but the writing is poor.