Watchers III

Watchers III

A top-secret experiment spawns two highly intelligent life-forms: Einstein, a golden retriever with an IQ of 175; and The Outsider, a deformed monstrosity that exists to kill... and avenge ...

A top-secret experiment spawns two highly intelligent life-forms: Einstein, a golden retriever with an IQ of 175; and The Outsider, a deformed monstrosity that exists to kill... and avenge ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Danny V (kr) wrote: Doesn't elevate the string of interviews to anything too meaningful, but still useful information for anyone interested in going to Hollywood.

Mark S (es) wrote: Recommended by Arctic.

Laura M (gb) wrote: While how exactly the refugees were treated in the hotel and the manager's motivations might be more fitting history to a narrative rather than fitting a narrative to history, I think that the movie went about capturing what it would be like to be holed up in a hotel while genocide goes on around you well. Don Cheadle's performance was very good. One of those movies that's very good but I'm not sure I'd watch it again.

Tim K (ru) wrote: Interesting take on the dumbing down of our country.

Chris J (us) wrote: Set in the world's greatest country. A very deep, moving film!

Caroline K (jp) wrote: soo good one of the best movies of all time

Grant S (ag) wrote: A US Army base somewhere in the South, late-1940s/early-1950s. A quiet, relatively unimportant base, it is the model of serenity. On this base we have Major Weldon Penderton (played by Marlon Brando), a lecturer in military tactics and strategy. He's married to Leonora (Elizabeth Taylor). There's also Lt. Colonel Morris Langton (Brian Keith) and his wife Alison (Julie Harris). On the surface, everything appears normal and uneventful. However, dig a bit deeper and you'll see that there is no passion in the Pendertons' marriage - they barely tolerate each other. Mrs Penderton is having an affair with Lt. Col. Langton. Mrs Langton has mental issues. Then there's the strange, voyeuristic, repressed Private Williams (Robert Forster)...Directed by John Huston, starring Marlon Brando and Elizabeth Taylor. Three icons of movie making - surely a recipe for success? Well, not entirely.Slow moving, with brief sparks of intrigue. this movie never kicks into a higher gear. It was never entirely boring but never fully engaging either. The movie seemed set up for a profound ending but the ending was reasonably predictable and inevitable.While there are some decent themes, especially involving repression of feelings and desires, these are never explored too thoroughly. Interesting enough, but not overly engaging or satisfying.Solid performances by Marlon Brando, Elizabeth Taylor, Brian Keith, Julie Harris and Robert Forster. On the negative side we have the character Anacleto, played by Zorro David. An incredibly badly and irritatingly drawn character, badly played with dialogue badly dubbed.

John W (gb) wrote: Starring Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire. The plot is nonsense, but it provides a fine excuse to stage some superb Irving Berlin numbers including "Easter Parade" and the Oscar-winning "White Christmas." Too good to watch just at Christmastime. Directed by Mark Sandrich.

John M (ag) wrote: If you can lug out through the pacing, the performances are worth it.

Edward C (fr) wrote: Paranorman(2012)Starring:John Goodman, Lesile Mann, Casey Affleck, Kodie Smit-Mcphee, Anna Kendrick, Jodelle Ferland, and Christopher Mintz-PlasseWritten By:Chris ButlerDirected By:Chris Butler and Sam FellReviewIT'S ALL FUN AND GAMES UNTIL SOMEONE RAISES THE DEAD.Well Folks your pal the crypt-critic here does enjoy some stop motion movies I do like some I don't lets take a look at this one. So with that said let's continue hoop-tober.Paranorman was a good movie, very heartfelt, very heartfelt and strangely thought provoking. Norman is considered a freak cause he can hear, see and talks to the dead including his grandmother and his deranged uncle who has the same ability as him. Some think he's acting out while others just think hes crazy. With the exception of a very funny fat kid named Neil who is an outcast himself and wants to be Normans friend. When Norman's uncle dies he passes on his duty to keep the witch at bay. Norman is too late and the dead rise unleashing the witches curse, Norman has to team up with Neil, the school bully, his bossy sister, and Neil's brother the jock to put an end to the witches curse once and for all.What follows is a story that doesn't just have you sympathizing with Norman but with the zombies and the witch as well. The movie has an awesome twist and the ending is unforgettable. You'll love this movie, it is funny, it was sweet, it was scary, tons of fun to sit through but most of all surprising. This movie throws a lot of curve-balls that I almost saw nothing else coming. Story-wise the film is flawless.The directors clearly had a unique vision for this film not just for the story but the characters as well. These were very enjoyable characters but much like Cabin In The Woods(2012) they are breakfast club characters. The beauty queen, the jock, the nerd, the bully and the basket case, however they are deeper then their stereotypes. They are extremely fun to watch in fact more so the Cabin In The Woods(2012) and the voice actors are all spot on. Kodie Smit-Mcphee who played the little boy in Let Me In does a great job at playing Norman, he truly understood this character and I hope he has a good career in the future. Anna Kendrick who actually is one of my favorite actress who I wish to see more of was enjoyable as Norman's bossy beauty queen sister named Courtney. She doesn't understand Norman but as the film progresses she learns that she doesn't need to understand him although she learns that she doesn't need to understand him she is his sister and should always have his back. Tucker Albrizzi was very funny as Neil, Christopher Mintz-Plasse shows a new side playing Alvin the bully, and Casey Affleck was hillarious as Mitch, Neil's weightlifting brother. Another great attribute to the characters is that they all feel real, you probably now someone like one of these characters in this film. The dialogue and conversations feel genuine rather then scripted which is hard task to pull off in a film that is animation instead of live action. Jodelle Ferland did a fantastic job as Aggie the witch, one of the best performances in animation. Her character is really fleshed out, you gratly feel and sympthazie with her and understand the pain she's in just a fantastic charaxter and performance all around.The effects in the movie are very well done for a stop motion picture, I actually thinks the effects are better in this film then they were a nightmare before christmas. I just feel that this film had better atmosphere that the effects helped at hand.Overall Paranoman is a wonderful little movie that took me by suprise. The effects ,the story, the actors, the characters all brilliant. I give Paranorman a three and a half out of five.

Harris M (gb) wrote: Made me's so very stupid. But so very worth it.