Haunted by his dark past, a man takes a job as a fire warden in a remote tower in the wilderness, and is inexorably drawn towards a young woman with a terrible secret of her own. (TIFF)

A man and a woman seeking refuge from the world: Nihat at a remote forest fire tower, Seher in her room at a rural bus station. When their lives collide, each now has to fight their battle of conscience before the other. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Watchtower torrent reviews

Franois M (au) wrote: Ce film petit budget (3 000 000 selon IMDB) manque un peu de crdibilit... Surtout qu'il va un peu dans tous les sens... Le Canada a co-produit la chose et a fait effectivement cinma canadien... Ce qui n'est pas un compliment.

Douglas W C (br) wrote: A very well made TV western from ION. Reminds you of the classic westerns with the railroad trying to take everybody's land.

Ernst M (it) wrote: Another movie where the quality of the actors saves the movie.

Nicola D (it) wrote: a small thriller with a great cast, but too much focused on the protagonist's liaisons, who forgets she's a cop sometimes, or maybe the director has just this aim, and nothing else. anyway, this is not a crap movie as the critics said, because there's a little action and interest - besides titties and sexual intercourse, I mean.

Stafford B (es) wrote: One of my all time favourite films. Reminds me of so many good times

Kevin R (ag) wrote: You will be my dear companion always. Always.During World War II the Americans and Japanese are hard at war in the Pacific. A marine escapes a submarine battle on a life raft and washes up on an island where a deserted nun lives. The nun suffered a tragedy during the war herself and just happened to wash up on the same island where she survives alone on the local resources. The two of them will try to escape the island to safety without being caught in the middle of the battle. The marine swears to protect the nun with his life and a unique bond forms."Are you different from other nuns?""I don't think so."John Huston, director of The Maltese Falcon, Key Largo, Annie, The African Queen, The Treasure of Sierra Madre, The Asphalt Jungle, and Moulin Rouge, delivers Heaven knows Mr. Alison. The storyline for this picture is so well done. The characters are perfectly developed and unveiled to the audience. The acting was wonderful and the cast includes Deborah Kerr and Robert Mitchum. "God might tell us what's going to happen."I DVR most of John Huston's work and I found this one of my favorite pictures of his (and that's saying a lot when you consider his work with Bogart). The characters tug at each other's hearts throughout the movie and you see the characters struggling with their own inner emotions. I adored how the entire picture unfolds and strongly recommend seeing this picture."Tell me there's a chance."Grade: A+

Robert S (fr) wrote: I love Ben Foster part in this one, he's such an great actor.

Agustn S (de) wrote: The only possible complaint you could have with this movie is the so-so visual effects and it's sometimes forgettable dialogue, nevertheless, Chronicle is an entertaining, orignal and engaging sci-fi thriller, with some great performances and a welcome, actually decent use of it's found-footage direction.

Jacob D (fr) wrote: This is the movie I watch when I'm sick or not feeling good I love it but I can see why people don't like it, and Colin Farrell is amazing and absolutely hilarious in this movie.