Michael Caine stars as Baxter Thwaites, the laid-back Governor of the sleepy British colony of Cascara. But when American oil drillers accidentally strike a gusher of ultra-delicious mineral water, the forgotten Caribbean out-post becomes a global hotbed of political and economic chaos.

A British diplomat to a West Indian island nation finds his idyllic existence thrown into chaos when a large American drilling company finds a huge source of natural mineral water there. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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PJ E (mx) wrote: Not as crazy as you think. It's funny. I heard this theory before but it was from a right winger in response to Al Gores Inconvenient Truth. They didn't have the science so I dismissed it as cow farts. Lol but this makes sense. The true way to stop global warming is to be a vegan.

Laura M (gb) wrote: Little predictable and kind of lost steam in the last third of the movie, but it was cute in its own way at times

Lance B (jp) wrote: It was pretty well done! There were a few problems but it was entertaining. By this generation we must stop any type of bullying!

Mique W (ru) wrote: I love these types of movies. The type that force themselves inside my head, grab what I don't want to see and, present it explicitly on screen.

Michael K (nl) wrote: It wasn't exactly what I expected from the trailer, but still fresh. A little dull, though.

mmmmm (ag) wrote: Not much to say about this...I got bored and stopped watching it about 40 minutes into the movie. I think Corin Nemec was over acting the part.

Michael R (ca) wrote: It was 4$ Not up on mormonism, but doesnt EVERYONE tend to think their people are the CHOSEN PEOPLE? Gets kind of crowded. So they designed the pyramids and also named the coffee places starbucks? now I start to see where these beliefs come from. it was mono but still has a .1 'sensurround' subwoofer effect on the dvd.

Adam D (jp) wrote: a fair western movie at best. nice horses save the movie.

Damien F (ag) wrote: Still sparkles 65 years later

Debbie P (ag) wrote: Great cast, fantastic story line, and Mary Steenburgen is wonderful as always.

Josh R (ag) wrote: The chemistry between these two leads is dynamite. In fact, I think Justin and Mila working so well on screen together is why I was so surprisingly charmed by Friends With Benefits that I was able to forgive the clich rom com elements that the movie eventually falls into at times.Grade: B+