Heera Bhatti, an American-Sikh, runs a corner store in Los Angeles with the help of her son, Vikram, and Gulu. She does not approve of Vikram's Caucasian girlfriend, Lillian, and would prefer that Vikram marry a Punjabi girl, but Vikram has made up his mind. Then the lives of all Californians are turned upside down when one morning eight people are dead after drinking contaminated tap water.

Three sets of area residents band together after a terrorist attack against L.A.'s water supply. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Waterborne torrent reviews

Will G (es) wrote: Tries to parody 70s anthology films but it's so unfunny, it's not worth the few genuine laughs it does have to offer. Didn't finish it.

C J (gb) wrote: Proud of all the hard work these kids did. Wishing them all warmth....

Frances H (br) wrote: Pretty fast paced political thriller and I liked the multiple viewpoint idea, although, of course, done before

Emmanuel J (gb) wrote: Love it. This movie shows the REAL determination in Thomas. Brilliant job coming up with the villianous Diesel 10

Sabrina H (jp) wrote: this was one of my faves as a kid. would love to see it again.

Stuart K (jp) wrote: Based upon the books by Hugh Lofting, this is a family musical where the nightmarish production was even more entertaining than what went on in the film itself. It was an attempt by Fox to cash-in on the success of The Sound of Music (1965), this and the following year's Star! (1968) would nearly bankrupt Fox. It was badly reviewed then, and it's not improved now, it's overblown and dull, and sums up all that was wrong with Hollywood at the time. In the English seaside hamlet of Puddleby-on-the-Marsh, Doctor John Dolittle (Rex Harrison) specialises in helping animals with various ailments, and he's able to talk to them. The film follows his exploits like getting into trouble with the law, selling a rare two-headed Pushmi-pullyu to circus owner Albert Blossom (Richard Attenborough), then travelling with Emma Fairfax (Samantha Eggar), Matthew Mugg (Anthony Newley) and Tommy Stubbins (William Dix) to the legendary Sea-Star Island. It's overlong and it's too complex for kids to follow, and knowing what happened during production overshadowed it, Harrison's ferocious drinking, the animals misbehaving, and trouble filming in Castle Combe and St. Lucia with rebellious locals. The songs are OK, but hardly memorable. Thank god the likes of Easy Rider came along.

Harim K (ag) wrote: if she's a pig then i am too.

Sarah M (ag) wrote: Katharine Hepburn seemed a little old for a professional athlete, but the chemistry was pretty sweet in what boiled down to two people who spent a lot of time around each other and became fond of each other.Watch out for Charles Bronson and Alfalfa (of Little Rascals fame)! And watch out for Cheryl punching Collier in the face through the TV!

Muhammed S (au) wrote: Not a horror movie, you could say more on suspense. Assembled on the superstitions of the West Indies. A subtle story of finding and trying to explain cultures unknown to the west. Drama only.

David W (ru) wrote: A product of it's time, but About A Boy does deliver good performances and tries to be different unlike the usual chick-flick

Frances H (fr) wrote: Although I saw through the set up right away (no doctors come in on Saturdays to give patients test results), the action was pretty pulse-pounding and swift.

Ryan W (jp) wrote: Shrek forever after Is by no means a fantastic film but is funny enough and entertaining enough to be a worthy send off for the shriek franchise.

Alex V (nl) wrote: It's simply like "Ok, we get it, move it along!", yet still snooze button and pointlessness. Meh.

Jonathan B (ag) wrote: A superb little movie that I've long enjoyed. Whale Rider is set in a deprived Maori community where the village elder is struggling to maintain traditional custom with modern life. He and his wife are left to raise their granddaughter after her mother and twin die at birth and her grief stricken father leaves to seek his fortune elsewhere. The girl, Pai, brilliantly bought to the screen by Keisha Castle-Hughes, wants to make her grandfather proud but he feels constrained by tradition which dictates that the mantle of village leader can only be passed on to a male heir. The performance by Castle-Hughes is assured and touching. This is exemplified by a tear-jerking scene in which Pai recites a speech she has prepared for her absent grandfather to a room of villagers at a school concert. Whale Rider is a marvellously observed, small tale in which director/writer Niki Caro manages to tackle big issues without bashing you over the head with them. This is a genuinely good "family" movie which is does not sugar coat issues but manages to deliver a satisfying and upbeat ending and makes a refreshing change from slushy, bigger budget coming of age movies.