In a Japanese school, 5 adolescent geeks join the new sport teacher and take up the challenge to take part in the synchronised swimming competition, in-spite of the mockeries of the "real sportsmen".

In a Japanese high school, a class of adolescent geeks joins the new synchronized swimming teacher and takes up the challenge to take part in the competition, in spite of the mockeries of the "real sportsmen". . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nuno O (ru) wrote: great documentary on 24 hour Solo mountain bike racing. Grabs you even if you dont like MTB racing. Absolutely loved it!!

Joe A (gb) wrote: The message of the film is great and informative. It is however a bit repetitive and scattered.

Private U (it) wrote: A heartwarming drama best enjoyed for its subtlety...

Derek B (ru) wrote: Interesting German film which does not outstay its welcome, and which has a twist ending you'll see a mile away... which utterly undermines the seeming empowerment of the title character. Maybe only death can set you free sometimes.

mick d (jp) wrote: THIS MOVIE IS LOL FUNNY

Barney o (gb) wrote: WHAT I LIKED: A whitty animation that will appeal to adults and children alike - 'Madagascar' is paugh out loud funny. The characters are well realised (partially thanks to their voiceovers) so everyone can get into the storyWHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: It's not the most interesting film in terms of plot, so isn't as classic for family watching as a pixar etc.VERDICT: A fun and pacey animation that everyone will enjoy.

Exeiviar Q (jp) wrote: Manjar de AmorLa reunin de madres es impagable.

Andrew P (jp) wrote: if the filming wasnt so horrible and the actors(except for Matt Newton)werent so bad this movie would have been awesome. They could have also made the story more exciting and it would have been better :)

Rafal S (ag) wrote: Beautiful! Story about hope, companionship, love!

David L (it) wrote: Another dose of completely pointless and immature screen action, which is totally up my street. Yes it's just another goofy American comedy that the mature amongst just won't get, but for those who need to let that big kid inside them out to play, this is a must see. You don't have to have seen all the films it is spoofing to enjoy it, although it may help by way of contrast if you do know of The Exorcist, Charlie's Angels, and The Haunting'! You also don't have to have seen the original instalment, although I would certainly advise watching it at some point simply because it is equally as comical. I have literally lost count of the number of times I have seen this film over the years, especially over my uni days, and yet I never tire of laughing at the role of Hanson the caretaker, with his impeccably strong hand! Unfortunately, he features more heavily towards the start of the film, and you could potentially say the rest of the jokes don't quite live up to comparison as the film progresses, more so because his role kind of peters out. Nevertheless, if like me you suffer from an inability to cope with any degree of intellect required from watching a film, then this is right up your street. I guess at less than 90 minutes long, it doesn't have to entertain for a great deal of time and I did sense it was running a little short as it reached its conclusion - a slight concern going into number 3 in the series perhaps. Regardless, my heart will always have room for this movie due to it representing my college era, and for that it automatically gets a strong rating.

Seth K (mx) wrote: Outstanding film! Definitely the most entertaining running film! One of the greatest sports films ever!

Dylan D (ru) wrote: The first movie I watched a thousand times.

Gergely K (ru) wrote: A Spookies nem szl semmir'l, egyetlen c (C)lja, hogy a lehet' legtbb szrnyet/d (C)mont/zombit mutogasson (C)s j sok szmtyit a n (C)z' arcba frcskljn. Legalbb rvid volt...

Jayden C (fr) wrote: kool as i want 2 see dis. i want 2 see every movie in da wole wide world of course im a movie lover

Torsten D (kr) wrote: [b]THE CANDIDATE[/b] [b](Michael Ritchie, 1972) - 8.0 / pro [/b]The storytelling quality might be flawed, but I guess, director Ritchie didn't care for that. This is a political pamphlet and the subtelty makes it worthwhile. The film delivers without being preachy. [b]HUSBANDS (John Cassavetes, 1970) - 6.0 / mixed[/b]The film is based on three major sequences only. When the film is good it's really masterfully done (e.g. the scene on the toilet, when the three husbands let their guards down), but when it's bad, it's boring. Especially the final London sequence is extremely uninteresting, but everything the film has wanted to say has already been sad and I was waiting endlessly for the obvious final scene. [b]THE CONVERSATION (Francis Ford Coppola, 1974) - 7.0 / pro[/b]Strong beginning, strong ending, but the middle part dragged beyond words. However, that might have something to do with fact that I noticed too late that the film would go beyond a simple thriller. The final image is haunting. I want to see again one day. [b]MONSTER (Richard Jenkins, 2003) - 6.5/pro[/b]The first half is from the serial killer sketch book. Drop a line or two about the bad childhood, show that the main character is not given a chance by society and let the first murder happen because of understandable reasons. The end is surprisingly involving and hits the mark, but the film is also a little manipulative in reaching this effect. Charlize Theron alone saves this from a mixed.

Dylan W (ru) wrote: It's fun doesn't make sense but it's fun

Matthew Luke B (us) wrote: Oldboy is a fantastic original revenge movie with a gritty tone and some hard to watch scenes. Now that's what I call a revenge movie.

Andrej Z (fr) wrote: One of the worst things that ever happened to cinema