Luis suspects his beautiful wife Elsa of cheating with their landlord Mr Denis. Elsa wants a child and Luis fears that he cannot make her happy. When Elsa becomes pregnant, Luis confronts Mr Dennis.

Luis suspects his beautiful wife Elsa of cheating with their landlord Mr Denis. Elsa wants a child and Luis fears that he cannot make her happy. When Elsa becomes pregnant, Luis confronts Mr Dennis. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Waterfall torrent reviews

Timm S (jp) wrote: The Ending Definitely Works. The Premise, While Completely Stupid, Also Kinda Works For The Comic Moments It Does Provide..However!! ..The Character Performances & Acting Is Quite Weak. It Almost Ventured Into Lame Pop-Song Montage Territory, But Manages To Save Itself..Only Just!

Dave A (it) wrote: Fantastic movie from a kern director.

Enjeline H (es) wrote: very weird. although the race was nice but the plot's not strong enough to support the characters.

bereNiCe B (de) wrote: Sarah: Me prgunto si todos sabemos a donde pertencemos ...y si lo sabemos en nuestro corazon Por que nos quedamos sin hacer nada? ... Tendra que hacer algo mas, un proposito en camn, un lugar al cual aferrarnos... tu representabas mi hogar, lo supe desde el mometno en que te vi esa noche...hace mucho tiempo. __.__.__._. Nick: No puedo parar debo seguir adelante, hay tanto... Sarah: Me preocupa que estes aca, me preocupa que algo te suceda, todos los dis durante 4 aos me despertaba preguntandome si estarias bien...o vivo...en donde...Por cuanto timpo te iras? Nick: No lo se, no tengo idea Sarah: Ques es todo esto? Que haces? Nick: Estoy completamente loco por ti, no puedo dejar de pensar en ti, siempre te tengo presente, estas en cada latido de mi corazon, pero no podemos estar juntos, no soy bueno para ti Sarah: Eso no es cierto Nick: Escucha si pudiera vivir otra vez, no te dejaria por un instante. tu lugar esta junto tu familia y el mio aqui, por el lado que lo mires alguien saldr lastimado. Sarah: Nunca ha habido distancia entre ambos y nunca la habra .__.__.__._. EL SUFRIMIENTO ES LO MAS RARO Y MAS PURO Me encanto esta pelicula en su totalidad ...

Jason S (br) wrote: worth watching to pass the time

Michael M (jp) wrote: I love Bill Murray in this movie, but beyond that this movie really isn't that funny. Would have been funnier as if it was Rated R and like most comedies of that era featured some harmless T & A. Oh well. Bill Murray still shines here.

Paul S (mx) wrote: well done hoffman...........

James H (it) wrote: 68/100. Not one of Jimmy Stewart's best films, but not fault of his. He is terrific. June Allyson, I don't know what exactly it is I don't like about her. I feel her performances are so rehearsed and phony. She is way too sappy and understanding in this film and I feel she hurts the films overall effect. Some excellent aerial photography, good score and the entire production is top notch. It waves the flag a little excessively and the mix of personal drama and action sequences is at times a little awkward. The supporting cast is a bit bland, Harry Morgan and Rosemary de Camp stand out as the best. Good special effects. The color in the film was exceptionally crisp.

Allan C (ca) wrote: Uninspired William Castle cavalry western about white folks wanting to settle in the Oregon Territory. Director Castle made this before he started producing film with his flamboyant gimmicks, like "Ermergo" where skeletons flew over the audience or the "Punishment Poll" when the audience decided the fate of the characters on screen (though only the more harsh of punishment was actually filmed). This film was in serious need of some of that kind of flare. The name drops of Oregon geographic locations was the only thing that held my interest.

Brett H (ca) wrote: A strong premise that is extremely effective in it's set-up; held together by Hitchcockian suspense and two lead characters who actually use intelligence to survive. Right off the bat this film is unique, having the couple be unhappy and nearing a divorce, so the tension between them is already at an all-time high. The premise of staying in a motel, only to find out that you've just checked in to the set of numerous snuff films is devilishly sinister and wholly plausible! Once the action kicks in, it is a non-stop thrill ride, until it drops the ball in the final ten minutes and we arrive in Convenience City. The acting is pretty great from usual-funnyman, Luke Wilson and his character is by far the most compelling, Kate Beckinsale mostly just reacting to the events around her. If not for the incredibly fake ending, this would be a true stand-out thriller, but it impresses up until that point and there is real terror here.

Rebecca P (es) wrote: I can't help it, I love it.