Waterhole #3

Waterhole #3

James Coburn is a con man and grifter who comes across a map that leads to a fortune in stolen US Army gold. Carroll O'Connor is the crooked sheriff who stays on Coburn's tail.

Sergeant Foggers and two confederate soldiers lay their hands on gold bullion belonging to the army, taking at the same time a certain Ben Akajnian hostage. Then they bury the loot near an ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Waterhole #3 torrent reviews

Andy G (kr) wrote: Jarhead 2 is OK war movie about soldiers keep lresalie woman safe. Cole Hauser, Stephan Lang star in this one. C(2014)

Yuma T (mx) wrote: I took off two stars for the white savior trope and also because i think pastor whites wife and daughter are the same age and thats pretty creepy!

Stephanie D (ag) wrote: Loved it! Typical movie from Schweiger; romantic, funny, great story and well performed - not to mentioned a great soundtrack! The actors all worked really well together - totally recommened :-)

Michael J (kr) wrote: A comedy really. Not to be taken seriously. Still clever and fun. A five-star film for one who loves to laugh.

Cat B (it) wrote: yes, it is as stupid as it sounds

Michael Q (br) wrote: Very slow film and misses points about the panthers that could been shown. Very weak story

Alexander C (it) wrote: Standard film, mediocre, nothing further, worth one watch or two.

Rawballs B (mx) wrote: Agbayani made the whole movie worth-seeing... The incredible plot and outstanding screenplay are enough already but because Tetchie is there she made the movie sexier and prettier through her brilliant supportive acting... The movie is a true emerald...

Dodi D (au) wrote: Superb.Wirklich ein starker Film. Geniale Montage auch!

John S (fr) wrote: The Rocky of Japan, and not that bad.

Hoda H (br) wrote: This movie is so awesome. It's haunting and beautiful, Fredric March was just beyond sexy and scary as Death, and in the end, I knew what choice I'd have made!


Ricardo A (de) wrote: It's not only completely moving but also, Johnny got his gun is absolutely intense.

Sophie N (jp) wrote: I cried, I laughed, got sad, and got very happy while watching this movie. I mean the whole story is not about chasing each other, but choosing the right time.

Greg W (es) wrote: cast gr8 makes this one go

Nikita M (us) wrote: imma black male not a black mailer!