Waterloo Bridge

Waterloo Bridge

In World War I London, Myra is an American out of work chorus girl making ends meet by picking up men on Waterloo Bridge. During a Zeppelin air raid she meets Roy, a naive young American who enlisted in the Canadian army. They fall for each other, and he tricks Myra into visiting his family who live in a country estate outside London, where his step-father is a retired British Major. However Myra is reluctant to continue the relationship with Roy, because she has not told him about her past.

In World War I London, Myra is an American out of work chorus girl making ends meet by picking up men on Waterloo Bridge. During a Zeppelin air raid she meets Roy, a naive young American ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joseph R (br) wrote: Fantastic film that captures what it's like to follow dreams that are shared with someone and fulfilling them until the very end. The whole film is very in your face and very uneven between characters but is purposefully done because nothing in life is fair and nothing is balanced perfectly. The location is almost secondary to the themes and topics of friendship, betrayal, love, loss, and growing up. One of my favorites of 2014 thus far.

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Jake P (us) wrote: One of my favorite movies

julius d (fr) wrote: this movie deserves a big hand

Johnny N (fr) wrote: Has a young Scarlet Johansson in this one.

Michael S (mx) wrote: Bittersweet film that completely falls apart in its last third when it turns Travolta's George Malley into a Christ-figure. Good performances by Travolta and Robert Duvall are not enough.

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Alexis W (mx) wrote: i actually saw it loved it and want to see it many many more times