Following their triumph with Manufactured Landscapes, photographer Edward Burtynsky and filmmaker Jennifer Baichwal reunite to explore the ways in which humanity has shaped, manipulated and depleted one of its most vital and compromised resources: water.

A documentary on how water shapes humanity. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Watermark torrent reviews

Brenden S (it) wrote: Great the end heist was great and also when dom and hobbs were going all out on each other

clara m (fr) wrote: i would love to see a good musical.with a good story behind it. i hope this movie is one of them

Dustin G (it) wrote: This is a great movie. Wonderfully written, with a story that pulls you in and grabs hold. There's a typical (for an Allen movie) questionable morality in whether we're supposed to cheer for the cheating husband, but other than that it's great

Jacob P (es) wrote: The bad version of "Eden Lake." Seriously, they copied a little too much off that movie and it's pretty clear. The only difference is that the male tries to find the female...which is done in way too much movies.

Scott (ru) wrote: Ginnifer Goodwin, compelling and adorable in "Big Love" and "Walk the Line" is poised to be a name to be wreckoned with -- unless she makes more movies like this.

Melody S (mx) wrote: i love this film! I fall in love with Christian Slater all over again when I watch this movie

Matt F (de) wrote: It's just a little movie that I love to watch over and over. I adore Kevin Kline--"I like you. But I don't like the way you say with your face all scrunched up, 'you're French, aren't you?' And then I don't like how you say, with your eyes all squinty, 'all men are bastards.'"

John W (es) wrote: A dumb time-travel action flick.

Tatsuhito K (ru) wrote: All over the place, incomprehensible, uneven, and just plain trash, I don't know if it's the script that is bad or the directors that screwed everything up. You know how people say that nobody goes out to make a bad movie intentionally, and there is a reason why some films with a lot of potential end up being a trash? Well, I don't think that rule applies to this particular film. It's an unnecessary product that was made purely for the commercial reason. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance is boring.

JohnnyLee T (us) wrote: Languid expose of US drone warfare from the operators' perspective. Lacks real tension, becomes repetitive. Plot becomes more involved with effects on operator Major Egan's personal relationship. Good intentions."Drones" is a better treatment on the same subject. Even though it maylack some of the background (political) detail it is more gripping. And the Afghani targets become more real than here where they remain figures on a screen.

Ola G (kr) wrote: Sgt. Tom Sharky (Burt Reynolds) is a narcotics cop in Atlanta who ends up in the Vice squad after a bust gone wrong with a killed citizen. In the depths of this lowly division, Sharky starts to investigate a high-dollar prostitution ring runned by a man named Victor Score (Vittorio Gassman). In the process Sharky starts to surveil a high class prostitute named Dominoe (Rachel Ward) in order to reach Victor. The ties between Victor, Dominoe and the governor Hotchkins makes things even more complicated. And in between there is Victors drugged out cold blooded brother Billy Score (Henry Silva), who will eliminate whoever Victor wants dead. Eventually Sharky needs to protect Dominoe and bring the Score brothers to justice. I have not seen this one for a long time, but I am glad to say I liked it as much as I did when I saw it the first time. I would rank this as one of Burts best movies. It has everything you want from a good action cop thriller. Suspense, comradery, violence, a good set of characters (Sharky, Arch, Papa, Nosh and Friscoe) a proper bad guy (Billy Score), emotional moments, drama, some romance and a bit of humour. Burt is solid as Sharky, Henry Silva is truly GREAT as the bad guy Billy Score (very creepy...) and Rachel Ward is very very HOT! Love her whisky voice and her whole aura. She was smashing back then!! The violence is very in your face (the fingers cutting sequence, the final shootout between Billy and Arch etc), but it adds to the general mood and setting. It is brutal, but it shows us the reality cops has to deal with and it fits the movie. I think as well that Burt Reynolds direction is good and I like that he takes time to set up the plot and really build on the characters. So, a running time of 2 hours feels just perfect. All in all I say....Nobody leans on Sharkys Machine!! : )

Ollie W (jp) wrote: Bossoms, drugs and outrageous mass-murder. What's not to like?