Watership Down

Watership Down

When the warren belonging to a community of rabbits is threatened, a brave group led by Fiver, Bigwig, Blackberry and Hazel leave their homeland in a search of a safe new haven.

When a young rabbit named Fiver has a prophetic vision that the end of his warren is near, he persuades seven other rabbits to flee their doomed warren and along the way, they face many dangers to find and protect their new home. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Watership Down torrent reviews

stefn birgir s (it) wrote: An unworthy sequel to a series that isn't any good to begin with.

Samantha D (ag) wrote: Pure cheese...favourite Childhood film

Ryan B (au) wrote: Not that great. tTo many boring parts which drags the film out. Give it a miss.

Joe A (au) wrote: Battle was legendary producer Roger Corman's answer to Star Wars but, it's actually a remake of Seven Samurai set in space, even naming the home planet "Akir" after director Akira Kurosawa. This cult classic is silly, cheesy and the pacing is a bit off but, it has something Lucas' later prequels didn't...heart. Battle is a little movie that tries hard and at the same time is having fun doing it and viewed with the right frame of mind... and right type of beverage... Battle can be a lot of fun. Corman assembled an interesting cast for his biggest production, Walton's star Richard Thomas, veteran actors George Peppard and Robert Vaughn and genre favorite John Saxon. Art direction and production design on Battle was by a then unknown James Cameron. And the music score was by now mega composer, James Horner. Corman has introduced countless talents behind and in front of the camera through his low budget classics and Battle Beyond The Stars is no different. Fun as only Roger Corman could present and the type of film that they don't make any more. Another film I was fortunate enough to see at the legendary Oritani theater in Hackensack. EXTRA TRIVIA... can you spot future Star Trek:TNG star Brent Spiner in a small role?

Jesus C (kr) wrote: Something about this film makes it creepily intriguing. It still holds up but the third act it starts to lose your interest.

Grant B (ag) wrote: probably not something to watch with Robin, but if i can find it and watch it i will!

Cody W (ag) wrote: Very hard to understand. The violence was very well crafted. But Montag's speeches are so long and unmemorable that I'd rather be in one of his acts than listen to another one of those dragged on things. The music was very skippy and the plot is just too hard to follow

Dr F P (ag) wrote: Not as much fun as you'd think, i found it pretty boring. I've tried twice to watch this and i still can't get through it. My DVD was very bad, i could hardly hear the dialogue and the quality of film is despicable considering i have seen better images on movies produced at the turn of the 20th century. On saying that though i hadn't slept for two days so i wasn't all that bothered about watching it but something tells me that no matter how awake I am I still won't get to the end credits.

Kerby H (au) wrote: Funny, gritty, and well acted, this well rounded war film does a good job of making you care about the characters on screen and wanting to see what happens next.

Mark D (it) wrote: A great documentary with some awesome special features, and interviews with some real motorsport heroes! You have to like bikes for this to be worth the time, but if you do you can't go wrong. Even my Missus liked it, and that's saying something!

Eric H (jp) wrote: Creating a documentary around a person's audio recordings must not be an easy task. You have to find the narrative, after all, and you have to specifically choose such a limited amount of recordings that you think could work well in telling that person's life story. But what is more important than that, is giving a glimpse into that person's essence, and that is exactly what I think this film does. There are a lot of things in Brando's life not covered, but then no documentary could do that. What's more interesting than facts is being able to get inside a person's psyche and this very much accomplishes that and to a great, powerful extent. It's simply sublime in its filmmaking aspects as well, definitely a documentary that should stand the test of time (if seen by a wide audience).