Wavelength consists of almost no action, and what action does occur is largely elided. If the film could be said to have a conventional plot, this would presumably refer to the three “character” scenes. Snow’s intent for the film was “a summation of my nervous system, religious inklings and aesthetic ideas,” he said of the 45-minute-long zoom that incorporates in its time frame four human events, including a man’s death. In the first scene two people enter a room, chat briefly, and listen to “Strawberry Fields Forever” on the radio. Later, a man (played by filmmaker Hollis Frampton) enters inexplicably and dies on the floor. And last, the female owner of the apartment is heard and seen on the phone, speaking, with strange calm, about the dead man in her apartment whom she has never seen before.

One of the most unconventional and experimental films ever made, Wavelength is a structural film of a 45-minute long zoom in on a window over a period of a week. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Juan S (us) wrote: Amazing movie to watch about the history of McDonald's and how it all started

Denise P (br) wrote: The Den boasts the glimmer of a deceptively innovative concept and features some suitably gruesome violence, but it unfortunately can't quite stab its way out of its slow-moving pace and disappointing lack of antagonist development, resulting in an anticlimactic payoff that might not leave slasher enthusiasts wishing to go through the viewing experience more than once.

Andy R (fr) wrote: After seeing this you really want a bullet to the head!

DhiaEddine D (ca) wrote: somebody get me out of here ...

David B (mx) wrote: Well well. If your a fan of Charles Band and his possessed inventions you may very well like this. I still can't get into the Puppet Master films and most of his other films because of the kind of humor Band always takes on. It's tacky. The characters although written by August White still seem like a Band creation and that is probably because he always directs in the same manner.. The effects haven't really improved all that much since his efforts from the 80's, but then I guess Band and Full Moon pride themselves at low budget film making and this excuses them from making any things look sexy. B film making doesn't mean the effects always have to look shit right? just look at what Savini does with gore on a small budget.. Why can't Band do the same with his puppets??? I don't know what else to say about Band and his films, but something about this film I guess.. Well we get a young girl who is buried with her dolls after her dad kills her. 100 years later, a loner boy named Guy who is very much like the girl from 100 years earlier discovers the buried dolls. Her spirit begins to possess him and the dolls come alive...Dude, I think I am growing tired of Charles Band films, thus I must stop this review now......

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nelson p (fr) wrote: influence from Kill Bill. Music scores composed by Ennio Morricone.

Mara B (de) wrote: Great sword fighting scenes, some funny lines, and Errol Flynn, although starting to age, is still a feast for the eyes.

James O (mx) wrote: This is old school, Hell this pre-dates schools I think. The dragon is a bit too soft to be a dragon but he's got a friend on hand to sort him out. Lame, even as a kid I hated this.

Al H (us) wrote: One of the best films about a haunted house.

Steven P (jp) wrote: Great documentary. Made me really miss my vinyl. Lovingly told about Russ Solomon. Lovingly told by Colin Hanks.Solomon is a man who had a vision, in the right place, at the right time. UNTIL there was a massive shift, a total paradigm shift in how people got their music. Vinyl and CDs are no longer important. Music is now downloaded for $.99 a song. Tower Records got beaten down by technology just like Blockbuster. I, for one, do not know what Tower could have done to stay relevant to consumers and stay in business.