Previously untold story of the unlikely Irish roots of the worldwide surfing phenomenom

The untold story of big-wave surfing in Ireland. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Waveriders torrent reviews

Matthew L (jp) wrote: Much like the similarly themed Sand Sharks, this features the usual line of evolutionary side branch mutations wrecking havoc in unusual locations. Cheap special effects, cheaper titillation and some random Indian burial crap.

Devon W (br) wrote: Congrats on getting a Kickstarter movie made. Sadly, the constant overuse of certain shots (because they looked cool and maybe you wanted to showcase how awesome it turned out?) combined with some really bad acting and an extremely dull pace left me Bored To Tears.

Alex B (mx) wrote: I,so saw it and it was gr8t

Jason M (it) wrote: Not the best one but it's really exciting and clever none the less.

Roman R (ru) wrote: Es raro encontrarse peliculas epicas que cuenten una historia poderosa y directa sin distraerse con personajes menores o sub-historias irrelevantes. "The Kautokeino Rebellion" es una cinta asi, envolvente y emotiva; nos lleva a un lugar remoto en medio de Noruega durante el siglo XIX y nos cuenta la historia de una familia luchando contra los vicios del alcohol y la opresion religiosa. La cinta cuenta con una excelente cinematografia y muy buenas actuaciones. "The Kautokeino Rebellion" es una gran muestra de cine de arte noruego.

Pablo G (de) wrote: I saw this movie with some friends on a thursday night right after the latest Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie, and we thought that this movie couldnt be that bad after that travesty of movie that Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D was. But somehow, this movie holds the worst 90 minutes of "stuff" that you will ever see. Amateur, stupid, badly written and acted, non sensical story, poor camera work, horrible editing, tons of clichs, uninteresting characters, unenteresting story, retarded comedy, terrible, terrible, terrible, TERRIBLE. It feels as if a film student that had the assignment to create the worst possible piece of audiovisual excrement possible, and we could say that he got an A+ .

Scott A (us) wrote: Entertaining, but the plot is 100% lifted from a horror film in the 70s called Ssssssss. The bullies are just godawful at acting. The daughter is cute and all, but the fact that the movie just ends midway in an action scene is awful. Did they run out of film to finish with???

Ryan L (mx) wrote: Super camp 80s movie with a completely random 80s comedy plot and awesome 80s special effects. Also, a talking horse.

Terryo G (kr) wrote: Great choreography. Funny moments.

Facebook U (es) wrote: Silly and somewhat funny adventures of the guy that passes up millions and love because he is too opinionated, psychopathic, and criminal on occasion. Uneven acting. Some bits are a bit predictable.