Way of Blue Sky

Way of Blue Sky


Masaki (Takuya Nakayama) is about to move to the U.S. with his parents, much to the dismay of five girls who all like him in different ways. Tomboyish Takako (Saya Yuki) always gives him a hard time; Haruna (Mikako Tabe) is a childhood friend; Alisa (Mei Kurokawa) has fancied him since a shopping trip in nearby Shibuya; Naoko (Aki Nishihara) is still readjusting after a long spell in the U.K.; and Yumi (Ayaka Morita) likes practicing basketball with him at night. All wonder who his "special girl" is, but Masaki isn't saying. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Jason D (br) wrote: Wicked Lake is an utterly bizarre and over-the-top horror film that pretty much has the filmmakers throw the script in the trashcan, get really fucking high, and start taking everything. Other than the same production company, this film shares little resemblance to another film called Flesh for the Beast, which I couldn't help but be reminded of that film the entire time I was watching this. Maybe it's because of the absolute bizarreness of this film, which revolves around 4 incredible hot chicks who are naked almost through the entire movie. When they are not making out wit each other, they are attracting the WORST possible group of men which consists of THREE separate groups of men that come to cause these girls trouble in their cabin in the woods. For awhile, these women are tortured, nearly raped, and put through some emotional moments, but things change and the story takes a complete 180 in a different direction when the clock strikes midnight and these girls turn the tables. The biggest names in this movie (to me anyways, Marc Senter, who does a completely different and bizarre role from his masterpiece performance in The Lost, plays an abused/slightly retarded (??) guy dressed in a 70's pink outfit, and Tim Thomerson, who plays a cop that talks too damn much about pointless stuff and is utterly wasted. Angela Bettis (May, Toolbox Murders remake) makes a cameo that's pointless, but she's still fun to watch). This movie is either a crock of shit or pure, mad genius. I'm honestly not sure, however, I enjoyed the shit out of it (and from the looks of these other ratings, I'm alone on this one).

Rena T (es) wrote: A touching tale about the life of penguins. Had me grinning, laughing and crying.

Eric H (br) wrote: The main problem with this film, aside from it sucking the very life out of you, is that the first one didn't pay off the way everyone hoped it would.Sure, it was initially creepy when it was believed to be real.But, when the truth about the film's origins came out, it became a stupid movie with a shaky camera that made everyone nauseous.A second one was neither needed nor welcomed and it took away from the "documentary" style that made the first one so popular.

Patrick C (mx) wrote: Another one that made me cry once upon a time. Damn dogs.

Lloyd H (ca) wrote: The first and arguably the best Steven Seagal film. I think people forget or never recognised that Seagal's early films are actually quite good. This film has its flaws and has no originality but i thoroughly enjoyed it and will happily watch it again. The plot is weak and tries to complicate itself and the story isn't particularly eventful. But the aikido sequences are stunning an the action scenes are well choreographed. The soundtrack is very good and the supporting cast is full of familiar faces such as Pam Grier, Henry Silva and Sharon Stone. Nico (Above the Law) is a good action film and a strong debut from Steven Seagal.

Henrik A (ag) wrote: Pretto. Bitvis djup. Sorglig. En vidrig slakthusscen...

Kim W (nl) wrote: One of the better Christopher Lee as Dracula adventures.

Bill B (ru) wrote: I went into this one rather blind, in that I was expecting a B & W film and got one in color, and I had no idea it was a re-make of an older Humphrey Bogart film. I have to say that I enjoyed it for what it was, with Palance playing a consummate tough guy, and I would like to revisit it after seeing the original.Well worth a look.

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