Way of the Vampire

Way of the Vampire

Dr. Abraham Van Helsing is granted immortality by the Catholic Church until he can hunt down the last vampire prince.

Dr. Abraham Van Helsing is granted immortality by the Catholic Church until he can hunt down the last vampire prince. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David I (it) wrote: this documentary is the best and it has a great plot,humor and it is inspiring i definitely recommend it :]

intuciic (ca) wrote: not bad movie about what it is like to be a mother, to do daily stuff alone and start going crazy, not to have time to herself.. on the other side of fence of being mother:)

Nathalie M (ru) wrote: best kick ass movie ever to watch when yoru high/stoned!

Emelyn W (br) wrote: I can actually relate well to this film, given the corruption in the government where I live. The innocent tried and sentenced for nothing, the good politicians getting exiled, deprived rights, broken promises.....I could compare these characters with the government, only they're all Muslim, so I cannot...The live film trailer was pretty disturbing , but it don't match with watching this one....for those who bitch about the graphics, whadaya expect? It was the 50s and it wasn't under Disney or whatever

Stacy S (de) wrote: Some slightly funny Chevy Chase scenes, but not nearly enough to make this movie worth watching.

H C (ag) wrote: o-m-g jimmy is so HOT. this movie is what i call a classic trash <3

Walter M (de) wrote: Bored, Cozy(Lisa Bowman), a housewife, dresses up to go to a nearby bar where she encounters Lee(Larry Fessenden). Lee, despite rarely leaving his grandmother's house by the age of 29, has somehow and coincidentally come into the possession of the gun formerly belonging to Jimmy Ryder(Dick Russell), Cozy's father and a police detective, for which he has been suspended for one week. All of which has nothing to do with Lee inviting Cozy to go swimming in a friend's pool. Even working on a miniscule budget as she is with her first film, "River of Grass," one can see definite filmmaking promise in Kelly Reichardt that she would deliver on in her later films. As it is, there is a very cool soundtrack as she manages to capture south Florida in a unique way while beginning her specialty in following characters who achieve varying levels of success in trying to get where they are going. That might also explain the lackadaisical, yet deadpan, pacing for which I will overlook the short eternity the plot, what there is of it, takes to kick in.

Brad F (ca) wrote: I only saw 15 minutes of this film, all I have to say is one word... boring. Maybe this could've won the Razzie Gold.

Craig T (kr) wrote: Not all vignettes are created equal, but then again neither is life when at its most mundane. More of this lands than doesn't, and Solondz cleary has a point of view (and a point). The cast is strong, hallmarked by some very fine work by Mamet, DeVito, and Delpy in particular.