Way of the Wicked

Way of the Wicked

Lawrence Salva's script centers on a detective (Facinelli), on the trail of a murderer, who is led to believe that a local teenager, harboring some sort of strange supernatural power, may be involved. Slater plays the man's disbelieving boss, while Hauer plays a man-of-the-cloth who aids the cop on his mission.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:92 minutes
  • Release:2014
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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After a series of inexplicable murders sweeps a small, isolated community, Father Henry goes to a local police detective with a theory on why the murders are occurring. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Way of the Wicked torrent reviews

Thomas P (it) wrote: Great high quality filming & cinematography, but loses stream without context to the action.I couldn't finish it..

Devon B (au) wrote: 2011? Seems like a bad year for movies?

Panagiotis M (ru) wrote: Really great movie with a whole lot of creepy scenes... Worth watching, fast paced and a very good leading actor. The atmosphere and the screenplay were the strongest parts...

Mindy P (kr) wrote: i really want to see dis movie....

Deena D (mx) wrote: Denzel! Nothing more to be said!

Whit w (ru) wrote: A very good supernatural thriller based on a Richard Matheson novel. It was released on the heels of "The Sixth Sense", which was a huge success and really overshadowed this flick. I wouldn't say "Stir Of Echoes" is frightening, it does have a number of desperate moments when Tom Witzky (Kevin Bacon) or his family are in peril. The mood and personality of the Witzky's neighborhood is nicely portrayed and is key to the film's success. Ghost frights are really minimal. The movie ends with a decent twist that wraps up a well spent 90 minutes.

Shane H (ca) wrote: Ed Furlong as a photographer from rural Baltimore suburb. His pictures get noticed by a New York art dealer. His life is soon turned upside down. Little Chrissey his sister is awesome. Christina Ricci plays his girlfriend and other supporting cast makes for an interesting movie, I'd expect nothing less from John Waters.

Eric H (au) wrote: What a surprise. Something with Jimmy Fallon in it that's unfunny and annoying.

Adam G (fr) wrote: Extraordinary. The actual NASA footage that's assembled here is breathtaking. Space (and the exploration of it) has been romanticized by our culture to an almost limitless degree, so when we see a film like this, being aware that what we're watching has actually happened, it affects us on a whole different level of our consciousness.

Nathaniel M (es) wrote: Rating a classic like this is obviously foolish. Rashomon reminds us that truth is more than facts in the outer world, but what is going on in our own inner worlds.

Shane D (ru) wrote: The rest of the "Apes" original sequels are a lot better than they are remembered for being. Once you get past the dated prosthetics, you're left with some biting social commentary that is still relevant today. Sure, there are clunky moments here - the next two films are a lot better - and Heston's role is explained away in a decidedly ham-fisted way, but overall the franchise as a whole continues along a solid path here.

Matthew B (us) wrote: To be honest I think the TV series of Mr. Bean and the 1997 film Bean was ten times better than Mr. Bean's Holiday. The movie had some funny parts in it and Rowan Atkinson was good has always, but there was a lot of good films that came out the same times has this movie and I would watch those than this.

Toby C (mx) wrote: Very well directed and shot movie with a stellar performance by Colin Farrell. Keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole way through.

Brandon S (us) wrote: Honestly, for the first 1.5 hours, I thought it was about the same as its predecessors. Moderate to passable acting, nice soundtrack, average story... until we hit Chicago, which is where the crap hits the fan, probably literally too. Although the "twist" wasn't exactly deadly given away, it was pretty evident early in the film what's really going down: it's just matter of how and when. Unfortunately, that 1.5 hour-ish point is precisely where the action and plot decide to go completely balmy. Gone is the averagely welcome, and here is where the rubber meets the road: hackneyed, ugly, and absurd action scenes join laughably pathetic plot elements that swarm the viewer in droves, dragging down what could have been an otherwise acceptable movie. It's downright hideous, and seems to have been thrown in simply for the expressed purpose of filling the last 60 or so minutes of the movie. I could honestly weep for the poor souls that think this movie is at all representative of the qualities found in the Transformers franchise, even the comics. If you don't "have to see" this movie, then don't. You won't regret missing it.

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