Four young office workers have a bet going to see who can last the longest without going outside. In the maze that is the downtown core of a large city, glass skywalks connect apartment buildings, office towers and shopping malls. Its day 28 of the bet and over the lunch hour, as the office prepares for the company founder's retirement party, things start to seriously unravel.

A group of young employees bet a month's salary, winner takes all, on who can last the longest without going outside. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Es F (it) wrote: get ready for some fun this Halloween!

Jenan A (au) wrote: This movie tells you to live your life when your a kid and have fun !

Joe C (nl) wrote: WOW! If Iranian cinema has films like this to offer, I've really been missing out! A total modern-day homage to Michelangelo Antonioni!

Cady U (ca) wrote: MILD SPOILER ALERT BELOW:I love it! It inspires students all over the world! All is well! Although I should say Rancho should've closed his eyes whilst kissing Pia. After all, you only open your eyes if you don't love the person in my opinion. He should've held her also. A big acting fail, yet a very small flaw if you compare it to the rest of the film. This movie had me laughing so much and crying so hard. Now I know I just wanna live for my passion, and not just for money and fame. Those would follow soon enough.

Jasmine D (au) wrote: awesome! I love Hannah Montana! and this movie was truly amazing....

Timeen (fr) wrote: Interesting to watch, I would never agree to a relationship like that, for obvious reasons, which ended up blowing up in there faces. Ok to watch

Adil A (au) wrote: No words to Describe

Anna B (jp) wrote: An interesting experiment, if not an interesting story.

Tycho D (ag) wrote: This is a wonderful film about the "little" lives of "little" people, whose stories (briefly) interwind. Now, it may be about "little" people, but they all HAVE a life and things for us to see and even relate to (unlike many other similar movies). Furthermore, most of the actors are amateur locals and they all shine. Mr. Justo is a retired man who suddenly decides to "escape" from home in search of a long-lost dog. Mara is a very simple and shy housewife who has won a spot on a TV games show. It's very interesting to see how she reacts to being in a (quite small) TV program, and how the other participants and staff behave in contrast to her. Roberto is a traveling salesman, a somewhat obsessive character who wants to make (and actually goes to great lenghts in order to produce) the perfect gift for the son of a widow (one of his clients) he has become love-struck with. This is by far the most lovable character, he's charming, funny, somewhat clumsy and superbly acted by Javier Lombardo (the only professional actor featured.) We will also meet several minor characters (most prominently a molecular biologist who has hit the road in search for her future) who are not developed but deliciously fill their small places. This all happens in the routes and small towns throughout the Patagonia region, against the backdrop of its deserts. All in all, an amazing film, with some great stories that slowly unwind but quickly become more than was anticipated.

Robert I (mx) wrote: Full of great songs. I've seen it so much I just think its nearly perfect. I actually didn't like it the first couple of times I saw it, but we're all good now!

Daniel R (au) wrote: Meh. It was something to watch. It has that eerie 'somethings up' feel of Escape from New York. The music is okay. I liked seeing all these 80's D-List actors in something I don't know like the back of my hand. The acting is on point. The dialogue needed to be tightened up a bit--or the screen play. Just something to watch. Not absolutely terrible.

Danny R (fr) wrote: A boxer and his orangutan travel together and soon the boxer meets a singer and falls in love. Typical eighties comedy.

Nathan M (es) wrote: As epic and variable as Siberia, yet with the accessibility of a mainstream art film, Dersu Uzala is a great study of man. Set to the vast and uncompromising backdrop of Siberia, the film really actually proceeds on the moments of humanity throughout. There is also plenty of levity effortlessly sprinkled in with the vast shots of trekking through the wilderness. The cinematography is really quite rich and is anchored in the splendor of nature, which engages the mind as we contemplate what the characters are going through. The film actually reminds me of the work of another Mosfilm staple, Andrei Tarkovsky. Maksim Munzuk gives a dynamic and endearing performance as the eccentric title character.

Daniel r (ca) wrote: When i was younger i used to spam this movie to death. Once it finished i would go back and watch it again. Sadly, that effect wears off now. It's sort of now ur typical kids comedy nothing really stands out about it.

Tyler W (ru) wrote: Loved This Movie & Would've Given 5/5..But Hated How It Bounces Story To Story Before One Ends The Next Starts And Then The Previous Story Continued Later!However Added A Half Star Because The Ending Was Well Worth The Story Jumping !