Wayne's World

Wayne's World

When a sleazy TV exec offers Wayne and Garth a fat contract to tape their late-night public access show at his network, they can't believe their good fortune. But they soon discover the road from basement to big-time is a gnarly one, fraught with danger, temptation and ragin' party opportunities.

Two slacker friends try to promote their public-access cable show. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Niar E (it) wrote: Oh! Is this the childish version of "Source Code"? It's funny but I guess it's not easy for children to understand it, because it's even confusing for adults.Nothing is new in the story itself but riddled with cliches, with annoying recurrence reducing the thrilling and the adventure. As every year we find a Christmas movie that deals with someone want to kidnap Santa or know his secret way to deliver all these Christmas gifts around the world in one night. Anyway, it speaks to the Christmas spirit in us to go back to our past and childhood to live its joy again.Energetic songs, bright and colorful and lovely animation job. That at least restores some of the formal and normal story. I'm afraid it would not be amusing for kids.

Nefer 1 (au) wrote: TROOOOOP NULLLLLL !!!!

Derick K (fr) wrote: Out of all the popular anime franchises FMA is one of my favorites and when I heard that the sacred star of milos was going to be in theaters I was excited and wanted to go see it but i waited too long and missed it. So I ended up watching it on dvd instead and I loved it despite the the fact that it wasnt canon to the brotherhood series and was more like an extended episode in the same vein as cowboy bebop the movie but I still enjoyed it mostly because it was longer, had time to develop its characters and had an interesting story that had the same themes as the series did. As for animation and voice acting, the animation was good but it looked completely different from the tv show and not in a better way but sometimes odd or maybe thats just me. Voice acting from the English version was great as always with most of the voice actors from the tv show reprising their roles along with new characters and new voice actors who do a good job. While this was a good movie it did have some flaws continuity wise between the movie and the series but you would have to be a hardcore fan of FMA to point them out. So suspend your disbelief if you are a fan and enjoy the show. 4 out of 5 stars.

Dan E (br) wrote: I'm only liking it for Matthew Fox's finest performance!

James H (br) wrote: The film?s low budget is very evident. Although the acting isn?t bad, no one is memorable. There are some suspenseful scenes, but overall it is too predictable.

Kareem Y (it) wrote: An excellent documentary about Palestinian wrappers in Gaza, the West Bank and Israel. I was surprised by how many areas of life it touches on; politics and identity were a given, but discussion on what occupation does to a person's ambitions and self esteem, how hip hop can be used to vent anger as well as provide hope, and the role of the Palestinian woman, among others, was unexpected. Very nicely done.

Skyler B (fr) wrote: Really solid and well put together. I can't really say much else about it. I had a lot of fun with this movie.

Marcel L (fr) wrote: Some books should remain in a literary form. I like John Malkovich but his daughter is raped and the message is Move on!!! Sorry I can't stomach that kind of twisted morality.

Brittany E (jp) wrote: Great Documentary 'bout my fave artists and fave record label of all time. Too bad so much went wrong behind the scenes...

marilyn h (jp) wrote: well the music is good, the directing by master p was very well done, and i was very impressed that the out come of the movie was a positive one. the shadding of the movie was very clear and the sound was excellent. very good movie coming from a group of young men who are ganster rappers and from the streets who could tell the story better.

Jay F (kr) wrote: Would purchase it at the moment at any moment if it was available.

Private U (kr) wrote: This is classic...even if you don't like it as a straight film, ytou can appreciate it as camp.

Michael W (mx) wrote: Often overlooked among R&H musicals, Carousel is one of the best musicals of it's time.

David H (de) wrote: Excellent Western Adaption of King Lear with great Cinematography, Beutiful Pictures of the Nature and a Bombastic Soundtrack