We All Want What's Best for Her

We All Want What's Best for Her

A middle-age woman recovers from a serious car accident.

A middle-age woman recovers from a serious car accident. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris P (jp) wrote: Boring tbh too many spectacles for a movie of show and tell, and Johnny Depp only had like 10 secs of screen time! Rowling is better off sticking with Potter.

Anne D (es) wrote: I have one question for the screen writers:Did you even read the book? This novie was so cheesy and terrible and was absolutely nothing like the book. None of the scenes in the movie were in the book. Even people who hadn't read the book would hate this movie. It was terribly written and poorly made.

Alex K (jp) wrote: 1940's Fantasia Is My Tenth Favorite Film Of All Time.

Nicki M (au) wrote: This was a great movie based on a true story about a family of women affected by breast cancer. Despite the sad and serious subject, there was humor in this and I really enjoyed it being set over the 60's - 80's. Annie was really brace and relatable. I'm surprised the rating on this is relatively low. Okay, it's not exactly a feel good movie to watch over and over, but it really was well done and the cast were all excellent. I liked her sister, and the (dumbass) wannabe rockstar husband was amusing (up until the point he was too much of a douchebag). Helen Hunt doesn't play a huge role, important to the story, but she's not the lead actress here.

Bonnie C (us) wrote: This movie didn't feel much about anything.. So dull throughout the movie. I enjoyed seeing so many great actresses though.

Lee M (ru) wrote: This gay-themed indie version of Fatal Attraction does about as much as you can ask of a zero budget, genre bending film.

Brad S (ag) wrote: An entertaining little film that I hadn't seen since theatres. Stars John Candy who is one of my faves, and is a nice little story, directed by Chris Columbus(Home Alone) and Produced by John Hughes. It's the 3rd film to feature Macauly Culkin & John Candy. It's a nice movie, give it a try.

Michael W (mx) wrote: More style than substance in this French film shot in the Paris subway and underground. Somewhat aimless plot that just wanders about with several oddball characters living within the underground. Not worth the time invested but sets itself apart with its new wave stylistics.

Charlie G (de) wrote: Enjoyed it much more than I thought I would

Sarah R (br) wrote: Great movie with great acting, but I was disappointed that they portrayed Christina as a queen giving up her throne for love. I suppose that was probably what audiences were looking for at the time though.

Kyle W (au) wrote: This film changed horror. It's thrilling, it's true art, it's simple and brilliant. In my opinion, it's better to view it as a stand alone tale as the rest of the franchise truly disappoints. Still one of my all-time favourite films.

Kim W (kr) wrote: Awesome movie! Inspiring and uplifting! Exceeded my expectations! I highly recommend it!

Peter F (ca) wrote: A very well-made indie horror film that's fiendishly gory, inspired, and very commendable for its steady sense of build up amidst its brief-but-cumulative running time.

Rami R (ag) wrote: I find war movies being boring and repetitive but not this one. This movie is a true Canadian movie and an amazing movie I recommend everyone watching. It has a great sorry line, a true story too.

Anneli S (ru) wrote: For a long time Renny Harlin has not done anything good, so did not have big expectations with this. But was better than I supposed. Samuel is always great.As a co-citizen it was nice to see Peter Franzen there; do not remember was there anything else Finnish put into movie, like Renny usually does.