We Are Not Angels 3: Rock & Roll Strike Back

We Are Not Angels 3: Rock & Roll Strike Back

We Are Not Angels III is a Serbian film. In 1973 during a Youth Work Action, budding musician Borko Pavić (Nikola Pejaković) is disappointed to find out that the majority of his fellow young workers prefer to dance kolo to folkish harmonica sounds rather than listening to him play his acoustic guitar. Heartbroken and depressed he confides in his best friend that he read that in America the young people make the devil appear by playing the music backwards who then makes them rich and famous. He becomes the mega popular rock'n'roll superstar Dorijan. Cut to 30+ years later Dorijan is still a debauched, coke-snorting, and alcoholic superstar, except that he's now playing turbo folk instead of rock'n'roll. He lives with a silicone trophy girlfriend Smokvica and his best friend from childhood is his business manager. Despite still having his women, fame, and fortune, Dorijan is unhappy about having to resort to playing a musical style he hates in order to have all that.

Angel and the Devil fight for the soul of a Belgrade rocker, that he can't survive in the body of an old punker. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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