We Are the Champions

We Are the Champions

Divorced father without custody Torben, a former pro soccer player, concentrates on his talented son David's juniors poorly performing team. When the coach suddenly accepts another position, Torben gets his change 'for the time being'. He becomes a substitute father for several of the boys. He's opposed by many parents, but finds love again with one player's single mother. Yet the greatest reward comes from David, in a twisted way.

Divorced father without custody Torben, a former pro soccer player, concentrates on his talented son David's juniors poorly performing team. When the coach suddenly accepts another position... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andy D (es) wrote: Beautiful! One of the most heart-warming, charming and touching films I've seen in years! A film about growth, friendship, and also love. This made me smile, laugh out loud, and also gave me perspective. Brilliant, everyone I know who's seen this loved it...now including me!

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Alexander L (jp) wrote: The end was predictable.

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