We Are The Flesh

We Are The Flesh

After wandering a ruined city for years in search of food and shelter, two siblings find their way into one of the last remaining buildings. Inside, they find a man who will make them a dangerous offer to survive the outside world.

An unknown apocalypse has devastated the globe, forcing siblings Lucio and Fauna to forage for food and shelter in a hostile environment. After wandering for years, they enter a building and find a man who makes them a dangerous offer to survive the outside world. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Darian J (fr) wrote: I wish I could unwatch this movie. This gives found-footage films a bad rep. You'll find yourself asking, "Why would they even go there in the first place?", followed by," Why am I still watching this?", because the premise makes no sense. The twist is totally unrewarding. Just tons of nightvision shaky cam in the woods while you wait for something to happen around the next corner, but it's just more bushes. At one point the camera is set down facing a door with no one in frame, and it stays that way for a good 45 seconds while the guy cries off to the side. Nothing scary comes through the door like you're expecting, the camera doesn't move, no one is in the shot. It's just the door. For almost a minute. They should've called this movie, "Bushes and the Door"

Joseph A (kr) wrote: Plot: The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya begins on the bitter morning of December 16th and ends December 24th atop a building, overlooking a beautiful midnight cityscape. Haruhi is as usual up to her antics and is intent on creating a memorable, nabe themed, Christmas party. Two days later, as Kyon again awakes to the familiarity of a cold, unwelcoming morning, he soon realizes changes have taken place to the world around him both inside and out of North High. Persons whom yesterday spoke to Kyon of tomorrow's plans no longer posses any lasting recollection of their desires. Instead it is that their entire existence has met some distressing, unaware, alteration and it is only Kyon himself who remains unaffected. Later, while in class, Kyon discovers his classmates are absent minded of any Haruhi-her existence is unknown to them, she is as if an apparition of Kyon's potentially ill-fated mind. Having rushed out of the classroom with unnatural haste, Kyon begins his search for Haruhi and believes she is the cause to this hysteria. He is soon to realize an even greater change in those he held closest as it appears Koizumi, too, has since disappeared, Mikuru lacks any real recognition of him, Nagato is no longer an alien but instead that of an ordinary school-girl, and Asakura has mysterious returned from the dead. In the once SOS Brigade clubroom, where a shy Nagato sits reading a book, Kyon uncovers a clue inside one of the club's books marked upon its bookmark. The clue-left by the original Nagato before such changes occurred-tells Kyon he must uncover and gather "keys" to "run a program" in which could return the world to its original normality. Kyon later learns from his classmate, Taniguchi, that Haruhi is attending a different school entirely. As Kyon arrives at the other school he awaits outside its gate with impatience, hope. It is not until he sees the long hair of Haruhi, her once forgotten saddened countenance and Koizumi too, that his disposition is met with a certain cowardly front. His legs locked, Kyon begs himself to move forward, eventually confronting the two outright. Both Haruhi and Koizumi are puzzled by Kyon's demeanor and agree that neither has met with him yet in their separate lives. As Kyon reveals himself as "John Smith"-an alias he used while helping a younger Haruhi when he first traveled back in time-Haruhi is first intrigued and then later convinced at a coffee shop of Kyon's tale. Kyon, together with the help of Haruhi and Koizumi manage to recollect both Nagato and Mikuru to reform the SOS Birgade. While the five are gathered in their old clubroom the computer there mysteriously turns on and a program appears on screen, prompting Kyon if he wishes to remain here, in a world of simplicity, normality, or return to his unusual, more often disastrous one. Although admirable of the life finds himself in, Kyon pushes the button with the hope of returning to his former. Instead, he is sent back three years before where he is given a reverse serum and is told, if he wishes to return to his former life he is to inject the culprit moments after he or she changes the world on December 18th. He is then sent back to the future, his present, on the very day to complete this objective. A Visual Delicacy: The combination of Tatsuya Ishihara and Yasuhiro Takemoto as the film's directors is a marvelous one. Despite the film's potentially arduous run-time of two hours and forty minutes, their direction is so that the viewer is never quite taken by any sense of boredom. The pacing is excellent. Each perspective, gesture, presented character expression or placement is implemented expertly and with a certain undeniable love for the franchise and its characters. The animation here is too sublime as its direction. Kyoto Animation put an apparent effort into the quality of each sequence. Time and again Japanese animation has proven its worth over the majority of tiring American animation studios. Even here, with what could be considered almost simplistic in regard to what is happening on screen, is too done so to a higher degree of perfection when compared to even the better of animated American productions. Lovecraft: By way of its intricate, developed plot, The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya consists of more than a pretty face alone. It as well blends romantic concepts and science fiction. What is more is that the story and its characters here are explained thoroughly enough for one perhaps unfamiliar to the popular franchise. This is done so in a fashion not daunting to the reoccurring fan. The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya explores itself almost consciously and because it is so self-aware, not a single moment here is left as boring, trite matter, but is instead as superb entertainment. Every moment matters in Disappearance, even the quirky, more jovial pieces of dialogue and wit in which the series is renowned for. All these share an equal place of high immediacy and importance with the more macabre situations Kyon confronts. One Sentence Summary: The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya is a long, albeit well-paced feature film featuring direction almost as beautiful as its visuals, an intricate series of time travel, intellect, and story.

Jeremy R (ca) wrote: Darby Crash and the Germs are a great and interesting choice for a movie. Some of the acting is pretty bad, but it was an alright film. I feel that what they were trying to do with this movie was better done by SLC Punk. I wanna see a Germs documentary now.

Alyan H (au) wrote: An interesting adapation of anne rices novels

Raquel O (ag) wrote: Many women...one woman ! Great !

John J (it) wrote: This movie is alright but it doesn't have an ending...

Michael M (it) wrote: Excellent movie. Ultraviolence, vampires, nudity, Salma Hayek dancing with a snake, Cheech's salesmanship, Keitel, a badass Clooney and a young Juliette Lewis?

Jonathan S (us) wrote: This one gets a lot of crap. I actually enjoyed it.

Diana S (mx) wrote: Several strong scenes and performances that linger in the memory for years.

Pavan R (ag) wrote: An entertaining typical 80's movie. Has a bit of everything for a family movie night

Asif K (es) wrote: no not interested....

Nicki M (de) wrote: A bit stupid and not up to the standards of a more recent vampire movie, (this was made in 1976), but harmless enough. I could no way in hell believe Susan Saint James as a model, though.

Jeff S (mx) wrote: Gone Baby Gone, ER, "Grace" is Gone suffers from a script that simply is not up to par with the subject matter it is handling. The acting was all over the place, the first half of the movie was just AWFUL, and the music was often out of place and distracting. This film was just so.. plain. But I was impressed enough at the end to warrant a passing grade.

Juha T (mx) wrote: Alkuperinen vuonna 2014, Director`s Cut 11.01.2015

Karsh D (ca) wrote: Enjoyable, if not totally horrific, compendium of a film where 5 starngers on a train find themselves with a common link thanks to the starnge Dr Terror and his Tarot cards - best of the 5 was Christoper Lees story with the mutant hand but always nice to see Roy Castle and Kenny Lynch.