We Are the Lambeth Boys

We Are the Lambeth Boys

Part of the British 'Free Cinema' movement, which included Lindsay Anderson's 'Every Day Except Christmas' (daily life at Covent Garden fruit/vegetable market) and 'O Dreamland' (a ...

Part of the British 'Free Cinema' movement, which included Lindsay Anderson's 'Every Day Except Christmas' (daily life at Covent Garden fruit/vegetable market) and 'O Dreamland' (a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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mark d (de) wrote: Toronto Film Critics Association Best Foreign Language Film Nom'Inspired by true-life tales culled from the Chinese social media website Weibo, Jia Zhangke's attention-grabbing epic (which won the Cannes screenplay prize this time last year) teases together four disparate stories of people driven to violence by the purgatorial pain of their modern existence. Inflected by genre (the martial arts films of King Hu are evidently an influence), the film counterbalances its social-realist reflections on life under creeping neo-capitalism with depictions of cinematic splatter; whether it's a lonely misfit enraged by the unshared profits of a privatised mine, or an emerging Lady Vengeance striking back at the indignities of a brothel, you can rest assured that there will be blood.The results are deliberately disorienting, with some fans of previous films such as The World and Still Life apparently alarmed by the stark (a)tonal shift of Jia's latest. Certainly, as a state of the nation document, it paints a poisonous picture of people pushed beyond the boundaries of civilised behaviour by the sickness of the circumstances in which they live. This is a world of corruption, violence and despair depicted in a manner that not only flirts with, but positively embraces, the cathartic pleasures of exploitation cinema. In China, the film's release has been delayed amid official worries that it might provoke social unrest; proof, perhaps, that Jia's scattershot approach has hit at least some of its targets.

Mark James A (jp) wrote: Yes, it's smartly-written but all of its elements doesn't really connect with each other. They're just raw ideas. That could be a problem.

JY S (jp) wrote: Sebastian Vigg goes double trouble with Good Girl, Bad Girl.Initially, spilling out a promising story concept revolving around twins, the final product is a waste of 90 minutes. The characters feel out of place and a bunch of the plot details come across as outrageous.The action is mediocre with one too many car collisions in slow motion that feel thrown in just because it was possible to shoot.Julia Stinshoff, while easy on the eyes, has low quality line delivery, partially due to the writing. Graham McTavish is the only cast member with a decent sized performance.Good Girl, Bad Girl ultimately ends up as a bad movie. Enough said.

Jason S (us) wrote: This is a good movie for the kids that play sports

Sean S (ru) wrote: I liked this movie even though a lot of others didn't. It's a sweeping historical epic. Hollywood best attempt at Ken Burns I guess.

Gordon P (jp) wrote: Cult classic. See it!

Vic R (us) wrote: I first saw this film when it was released to the US at the time of a wave of talking dog family movies. I knew this wasn't a kids film but I was expecting a light comedy where the dog makes sarcastic remarks about human foibles (those humans are SOOOO crazy). Well, I was wrong. This is a mean dog. As we watch the film we are constantly in fear of what the dog will do but completely sympathetic to his plight. But the film is even deeper, paralleling Baxter with a lonely boy that eventually becomes his keeper. The film makes a strong argument that the abuse and neglect heaped on any creature will eventually turn against those neglecting it and we all pay the consequences. In this way the film is a metaphor for the rise of Nazzism in Germany and simultaneously predicted the Columbine tragedy (and other similar attacks that followed). I have to say that I was completely emotionally moved by the journey of the dog. I warn you, though, that this is rough going. This is not for family viewing and not for anyone who is overly sensitive to the abuse of animals.

Karsh D (ru) wrote: poor sequel - 90 minutes of nothing really of note happening - just watch the superior She and turn it around so that it is the lady being enticed to the lost city of Kuma then you'll get the general idea

Mojo M (kr) wrote: Great Movie. Black and White, but I hope that doesn't deter some from watching this movie. The humor is quite different. Almost slap stick, with some very funny physical scenes, but really the humor is deeper than that. This movie made Andy Griffith a Star. Setting the roots for the Andy Griffith Show, although they really don't share much, other than Andy Griffith portrays a lovable Southerner. His Character in this movie is more physical, and less intelligent, but just as like able. He plays a nearly illiterate Hillbilly, but not entirely as his father proves in one very funny scene. I have seen it many times over the years, and always enjoy it. It even has a Don Knotts Cameo part. He doesn't play his character in the least from the Andy Griffith Show, but is very memorable. Fun for all ages, except for the very young.

Greg W (mx) wrote: another winner from that year-1939

Ryan M (de) wrote: I just couldn't get past the weird look Tom Cruise had. So bizarre...

Bill T (fr) wrote: Very interesting adaptation of Dracula here. Some elements are removed (Renfield is completely gone!) and some completely revised (some of the main characters die unexpectedly) and some interesting plot revelations (A reason for Dracula going to London is fully laid out here), but I appreciated the work. There seems to be some plot holes evident (or footage taken out) but this version of Dracula, starring Britsh actors I know nothing about, held my interest. Check 'er out!

Johnny F (gb) wrote: This is an awesome sequel!

Anthony T (br) wrote: 1st off, this film tries to insult Wes Craven... I don't know where this guy gets off trying to say his films are bad when they may have put out the worst film I have seen in about 5 years. Granted, they did it by insulting a town called West Craven, which was interesting, but still makes me wish this guy was never able to make another film. This film makes no sense, starts off in the middle of action, doesn't tell you what is going on or why these... I guess they were monsters, are killing everyone, nor where they come from. At first I thought this was a sequel to another movie, but it's not.... It's just a horribly made film that spends more time focusing on people changing than it does the plot holes. It fails at everything. Do not see this movie.

Rich F (br) wrote: Not dated at all and still a good watch

Cameron H (ca) wrote: On Al Pacino's cocksure performance alone, Dog Day Afternoon is worth your time. As for how the real story of his character -- a mediocre bank robber turned local TV star of the day -- is told, picture a freshly sharpened knife being used over the course of several years, still sharp enough to cut but noticeably duller. Director Sidney Lumet and screenwriter Frank Pierson search to agree on a single point of view, as they examine different dimensions to the day-long tale. And in many isolated scenes, they really are on point when it comes to media scrutiny, crowd mentality, contemporary relations with authority figures, etc. Speaking of contemporary times, you gotta give some credit to the two for detailing a truthful relationship between Sonny (Pacino) and his to-be-transsexual wife Leon (Chris Sarandon). Sonny knows how to play a show, and so does Pacino. There is a catch to empathizing for Sonny, under Lumet's vision. By the ending, we lose some of the important context that Sonny and his partner Sal (John Cazale) have been holding several people as hostages for the entirety of the day, outright saying to each other that, if necessary, they are ready to kill. This is intentional for the final twist to come out of nowhere, and in its execution, a job well done. Who do I care about then? Hostages, certainly, I want them to be safe. The police, fuck them. The FBI, goddamn, fuck them! The bank robbers, um... They deserve punishment, but be easy on them...? A good true story to snag, with great dark humour bolstered by Pacino, but, if Lumet wanted to complete his analysis on small felony justice, he may have fared better by taking inspiration from the story instead.