We Can Do That

We Can Do That

The film follows Nello, the recently hired director of a newly developed work cooperative of former mental patients. After the closure of state psychiatric hospitals and asylums in Italy under the Basaglia Law many former patients were left with few resources and little hope of reintegrating into society. With the intention of actually improving the lives of his pupils, rather than just sedating them, Nello encourages them to expand their individual abilities and explore the wider world around them although, regardless of intention, there is sometimes a price to pushing boundaries too quickly.

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Anurag B (es) wrote: Springs up big surprise in between but the climax doesn't live up to the hype creating the suspense. Aditi is good but Randeep and Sara are terrible n acting department.Overall an average thriller.

Josh H (ca) wrote: Very good graphics, and good music. Too bad that they didn't really put any effort into explaining how those telescope work.

Charlene M (kr) wrote: It wasnt too bad, left alot of the ending unsolved.....

John M (fr) wrote: In the visual style of 'Bunraku' - Japanese puppetry. Reads sort of like if a spaghetti western took more of the elements from the original Japanese stories. Like if fistful of dollars had Clint in Japan.

Aaron M (it) wrote: While I used to be a big fan of Burlesque, I know realize how much of a stupid and cliche film it is. Small town girl with big dreams who wants to [fill in the blank]? Check. She's talented? Check. It all sounds too familiar. But what makes the film really bad is that there's no conflict for Ali (Christina) to overcome. She immediately comes in and has all the talent already. And she doesn't have an identity crisis about working in a dump and stripper version of broadway vs the dreams she had before. No, that would be good. Here we get her ass being kissed for the entire run-time. With that being said, the films strong aspects is Christina and Cher, they're just perfect together, and the music is really great, especially You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me. Also, the whole worry of them closing the business was handled in one scene. This could have happened days ago, it literally took two seconds to do and they wait last minute? Burlesque could have been fun and exciting, but its too reminiscent of Moulin Rouge's glamour and its plot is practically nowhere.

Maggie R (de) wrote: Loved it! It feels like a play, easily my favorite movie

Giorgos V (ca) wrote: Oraio egaki en telei ,sto telos apla ginetai provlepsimo, alla vlepetai aneta

Danielle W (us) wrote: looks awsome i want to see it

Michelle C (au) wrote: Despite the language, which I'm not usually a fan of, I found myself -- once again -- laughing out loud at him. In your face intelligent humor. Love it. I particularly liked his bit about the color coding of the security threats. I like his three better, which I won't repeat, but tease you with it to rent and watch this comedy act for yourself.

Jayden C (gb) wrote: really goodmust see

Ronasha W (it) wrote: that is one of the sickest movie ever. lol lol lol lol

Adam C (kr) wrote: No wonder Joan didn't want anything to do with this documentary. It's just the other band members all talking shit about each other. There's not even any Runaways music because Joan wouldn't give them the rights... good. Oh, and Kim Fowley is quite possibly the biggest douchebag to ever exist.

Ben E (de) wrote: Easily my favorite of all Bronson films. It's not only hilarious but it's thrilling and has some great twists. I love the score and the way it was shot. Bronson is clearly having a blast here and it shows.

Matty S (es) wrote: Hated it then. Still hate it now.

Todd A (it) wrote: It's great as usual and we all love snoopy but the lack of dialogue robs the film of the usual Peanut film charm. That combined with a bit of a moodier story means the film fails to reach the heights of the first film.