We Can't Go Home Again

We Can't Go Home Again

Called by some a visionary masterpiece, and by others a fool’s errand, this controversial film embodies Ray’s last explorations in the medium that he called “the cathedral of the arts.” Along with its technical innovations unequaled even today, the film explores the face of a community at a critical moment in our cultural-political history and offers a searing portrait of the filmmaker’s soul.

The most complete, newly restored version of Nicholas Ray's experimental masterpiece embodies the director's practice of filmmaking as a "communal way of life." Ray plays himself in the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Niklas B (mx) wrote: Exceptional film. I don't care how sub-par the budget and/or actors were. This is an exceptional piece of cinematic art. Excellent idea. In accordance to other posts. I agree about the sitcom aspect but that's a good thing. This could make an excellent sitcom.

Eliabeth M (ru) wrote: The Beatles fueron probablemente la banda ms icnica de todos los tiempos, y es fascinante el hecho de que todava haya preguntas rodeando a sus integrantes. En este documental se trata de responder la mayor parte de interrogantes sobre la vida de George Harrison, que fue una persona fascinante, y que ha sido incomprendido por muchos aos. Scorsese hizo un gran trabajo mostrando quien era Harrison en realidad, pero con una persona tan compleja y profunda no es posible describir en imgenes o palabras su espiritualidad o el efecto que tena sobre las personas. Igualmente luego de ver este documental, tengo una idea ms amplia de quien era, y me gust que se mantuviera un manto de misterio sobre l. Es interesante ver lo contradictorio que era, por una parte perteneca a The Beatles, y desde temprano estuvo rodeado de fama, dinero y frivolidades, mientras que al ser una persona tan espiritual siempre haba esa dualidad dentro de l, y ese rechazo hacia el estilo de vida en el cual estaba involucrado, y del cual no poda librarse.

Rick R (mx) wrote: Love in the Time of Cholera (2007)With the recent death of famous Columbian author Gabriel Garca Mrquez, I've been wanting to see some movies from his books. This one sounds interesting.

YaLing C (gb) wrote: a very Hollywood styled Bollywood one.

Lily A (us) wrote: I think this movie is really good, I would recommend it to people of all ages.

Brian L (ru) wrote: So bad its good. I thought this was 80's.

jamie c (es) wrote: interesting information, but even close to add entertaining as super size me.

Dave R (br) wrote: a love triangle involving a cop, drug dealer and a woman. the friendship between the cop and the dealer never really seems plausible. and the film drags in some points. it also seemed highly derivative of miami vice - and it essentially feels like one long and not particularly good episode of miami vice.