We Cause Scenes

We Cause Scenes

The extraordinary story of a group of twenty-somethings who seized the streets of New York, transforming the meaning of comedy, performance and art through forming 'Improv Everywhere,' a prank collective ten years in the making.

The extraordinary story of a group of twenty-somethings who seized the streets of New York| transforming the meaning of comedy| performance and art through forming
'Improv Everywhere|' a prank collective ten years in the making. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael H (de) wrote: One of the rare instances where the sequels actually improve on the original. There really isn't that much going on. But it's fun seeing a young Tatum dance with his future bride.

Matthew M (kr) wrote: its a ride. loaded with nudity, senseless gore and confederate cannibals. Seriously does a movie need much more?

Steve G (ca) wrote: Well shot, well acted, good use of lighting and colours. That's about all the positive things I can say about this otherwise downright bad and confusing movie, with its seemingly random scenes and twisted storylines which simply do not add up. Add to that bad dialogue, a very unlikable main character and a sexist view on women, and you've got a movie that I do not understand nor recommend.

Jeffrey M (gb) wrote: The Two Jakes suffers from what most sequels to highly successful and acclaimed films do, in that it relies too heavily on its predecessor, the revered Chinatown, to give it a narrative heft, and, in turn, doesn't work as well as it should on its own merits. It has an atmospheric mood and generally good acting, but a muddled plot too concerned with recalling back to the past, and executed with a meandering pace. The direction by Nicholson is largely hit and miss, with a number of good scenes with a keen sense of framing, but also, at times, seemingly unfocused. The actors do a good job keeping the story interesting which, along with great world building, make it passably worthwhile, yet still a disappointing follow-up.3/5 Stars

Chris H (mx) wrote: Well done Ryan Reynolds. This movie that takes place in a dark confined space holds your attention and never lets up until the credits roll. The tension made me itch and I yearned for Paul Conroy's character to triumph. The amount of sheer realism of his words and actions are enough to make you forget the slightly unoriginal subplots. 4/5 stars.

Michael W (fr) wrote: Still one of my go to movies. Still love it after all those viewings!

Trevor F (jp) wrote: A extremely delightful film full to the brim with the wit and talent of Wes Anderson.

Brody M (es) wrote: I was really suprised how good of a movie Visiting Hours was.I loved all of the twists & turns there were.Everytime I thought something was gonna happen they changed it up & something else happened.This movie constantly kept me on the edge of my seat & that's what I enjoyed about it.I'd recommend watching Visting Hours on a dark rainy night (Halloween perhaps?) or at least watching it once if nothing else

Vickie V (gb) wrote: Wow, the only redeeming quality if this movie was the opportunity to see everyone get killed. The only movie I can think of that is worse is Open Water 2.

Sean H (ag) wrote: An interesting extension of the Cloverfield saga, John Goodman plays a rather nasty villain, or is he...

Matthew S (fr) wrote: A very familiar "by the numbers" movie saved by Jeff Bridge's amazing performance. And, it is amazing.