We're All Christs

We're All Christs

Adaś Miauczyński, a Polish intelectual, has severe alcohol problems which affect his relationship with his son Sylwek.

Adaś Miauczyński, a Polish intelectual, has severe alcohol problems which affect his relationship with his son Sylwek. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Muhammad G (it) wrote: awal ,tengah dan akhir gak ada yg berasa sia2...,recomended..!!

Darrin C (fr) wrote: Watch it. It's not like watching the events of 1776 on "John Adams" on HBO. It happened in my lifetime, and the film shows the bravery of this tiny country in a way that's humbling to behold.

Christian John V (es) wrote: One of the best films made about a homosexual person. Intensely acted and brilliantly directed.

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Adam K (br) wrote: The story itself has many plot holes,as all the stories do. However,the performances are outstanding. Even though Kevin Spacey's villainous character seems unreal in the real world,yet in the twisted universe we're introduced to,he fits the mood perfectly. He's dedicated to the crime and he's calculated and very patient. Morgan Freeman gives a usually stellar performance,and Brad Pitt creates a great contrast to his calm and though out character. Greatly recommend.

Kirk J (au) wrote: Even if a lot of this doesn't work, I admire Godard and Miville for sheer audacity. A plot synopsis feels a bit beside the point for this film, but the "story" (not much actually happens) concerns a nuclear family (father, mother, son, daughter) in a cramped apartment. The parents have sex a lot and the children watch sometimes, and there are many conversations in between. These sequences, which appear to have been shot on video, are played on monitors which Godard has re-shot in 35mm, sometimes putting as many as three monitors in the same frame (and more than that if you count superimposition). The whole film seems quite daring. I'm not sure how much of that is the filmmakers' intention and how much of it comes from growing up in a context where sex is feared and hated. There is certainly no way this ever could have been made in the USA. In one scene, for example, as we watch the mother showering her naked daughter, the girl asks, "Do all girls have a hole? Is that where memory comes out?" and in another scene the parents, lying naked in bed, explain their genitals to their children. ("With this mouth," the father says, pointing to his penis, "we kiss the lips of love.") The film is bookended by segments where Godard examines the film itself and his thought process in making it. This being Godard, that of course only makes everything even more confounding rather than clearer, perhaps even moreso here than usual, because instead of his typical assertiveness, his comments here are drowned in self-doubt. This means the film is not just about what's happening to the family and the ideas and analogs Godard extracts from that aspect (which touch on Vietnam, Maoism, and feminism, to name a few) but it's also about the making of the film itself, and it's about Godard's filmmaking efforts in the larger context of the world that is already being examined within the film itself. To put it mildly, there's an almost excessive amount of levels to this work.

Matthew B (gb) wrote: "Superman III" is so painful to watch. The movie does have some little good moments, but it has too much comedy in it, and still following the same camp factor as what Richard Lester did with "Superman II." We wish if Richard Donner wasn't fired by the Salkinds, so that this franchise would stay strong. Christopher Reeve is still great to watch, but Richard Pryor keeps stealing the show when this is more of his and not Superman's movie. This movie needs more scenes of Superman, than more scenes with Pryor. I don't like "Superman III," and I strongly do not recommend it.

Edyta L (de) wrote: this movie was funny but kinda redundent. i really didnt like it. i thought it would be better

Geoff G (gb) wrote: Awesome ... but not better than Le Mans! Still Awesome!