We're No Angels

We're No Angels

Two escaped cons only prayer to escape is to pass themselves off as priests and pass by the police blockade at the border into the safety of Canada.

Two escaped cons only prayer to escape is to pass themselves off as priests and pass by the police blockade at the border into the safety of Canada. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sagar V (ag) wrote: 100% Complete Entertainer. Trivikram's dialogues, Pawan, Illeana and Brahmanandam's action deserves a pat on their back. Excellent cinematography and music. Karo Karo Jalsa!

Chris A (ca) wrote: i saw this when i was in 6th grade..so i liked it.

Phoebe W (jp) wrote: Alex Pettyfer really let himself go after this movie....he WAS sooooo hot as a blond teenager

Marco F (nl) wrote: BOAT TRIP is tacky, lazy, unpleasant, stupid, tasteless, and generally unfunny. It follows two idiots who get dumped by their girlfriends and end up being booked on a gay man's cruise. It then follows the general formula of the main hero having the only straight affair on the gay cruise. What an awful film this is- I wish that this film had hit an iceberg. What saves it from the zero star rating is that it's too shallow to be offensive.

Josh S (us) wrote: Yahoo Serious is still alive?!

Matthew A (nl) wrote: Outlandish and preposterous as its premise may be, this film is a well-crafted satire on 80's America and sexual mores, as well as a riot to watch. A black comedy masterpiece! Bon appetit.

Joel A (kr) wrote: The very musically focused seasonal classic from the masters of Hollywood musicals.Other than some great music numbers & the world's first exposure to the song White Christmas arguably won the worlds most popular & successful songs.The plot is thin but this film has a lot of star power moving it forward and to it's credit both Astaire & Crosby are truly entertainers.A cutesy film that I can see why it is a classic but not the best christmas film ever made.

Andrew C (br) wrote: I liked the movie "Slugs" better then this, the funnest part was near the last 10 to 15 minutes of the movie. Other then that it was kind of drawn out, trying to make a mystery when the audience knows the results from the beginning gets pretty boring. I'm sure these a fun movie with friends and drinks though.

Jack G (br) wrote: equally stupid and awesome, illogical and hilarious, it's like Kaufman (not to be confused with the director of Synecdoche, NY) has a schitzo sense of how to do a horror movie and/or a comedy, and sometimes it totally clicks and we're with the characters, and other times it just doesn't make much sense (for example, one of the hicks is a cop... huh?) It does have a killer (pun intended) last five minutes though... that is if you cut out the very last shot of the movie. It's a cut above other Troma fare, and certainly as far as girl-revenge horror flicks go I'd eagerly put this in someone's hands before I Spit on Your Grave. But it's not something right at the top of your radar.

Teresa R (de) wrote: Definitely creepy and a good scare. I would've liked it to end differently to make it scarier but still good.