We Will Riot

We Will Riot

Luke is an up-and-coming DJ from an affluent New York family with a Lithuanian father and an African-American mother. When Luke hears from an estranged grandmother in Lithuania, he defies ...

Luke is an up-and-coming DJ from an affluent New York family with a Lithuanian father and an African-American mother. When Luke hears from an estranged grandmother in Lithuania, he defies ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eric B (it) wrote: I'm sorry, but does anybody else realize that 50cent cant act?!?!?! F+

Chloe C (gb) wrote: What would the we become without our senses?

Kami B (gb) wrote: Wholesome family movie. In reality the movie is unfounded. However who can't love watching dolphins!?

Ingela Z (es) wrote: Good movie, amazing to see see how they used the countryside of Iceland to display a small town in the USA. As well as the scenes from the "big city" which where all shot in Reykjavk the capital of Iceland, where they only put American signs on the buildings to turn it all into an American city. The story is really good, all the unexpected twists and turns keep you interested throughout the whole movie. There's something strangely real about the film, from the first-rate acting, to the dark tone, to the deliberate pace. I also have to make a comment on the soundtrack, incredible work by the young Icelandic artist 'Mugison'. A solo guitarist with incredible talent. .

Tibor P (kr) wrote: Nem tudom rtkelni ezt a filmet, annyira tvol ll t?lem minden, ami s ahogy ebben a filmben zajlik, hogy nem tudnk hatrozottan llst foglalni. Az biztos, hogy elejt?l a vgig lekttt s komoly fejfjssal lltam fel a vgn, de nagyon keveset sikerlt bel?le dekdolni. Nem is biztos, hogy mg egyszer nekillok megrgni. Taln ha rzkenyebb lennk szocilisan, vagy m?veltebb irodalmilag, akkor mshogy lenne, de addig is maradok a knnyebben emszthet? Van Sant filmeknl.

Levon K (nl) wrote: This is the funniest movie

Ben L (ru) wrote: I don't have a lot of familiarity with the work of Terry Gilliam yet (aside from his work with Monty Python.) This film was an eye-opener to the kind of off-the-wall style I can expect. The story is very simple, and I appreciate that. A boy who is obsessed with history finds that his bedroom houses a time portal that allows people from other times to walk into his room, and allows him to walk out through time. He hooks up with a band of dwarves who have a map detailing all the time holes so they can go adventuring through time. I loved the fun, light tone of the movie. Each little vignette was perfectly crafted to either deliver laughs or excitement. The highlight of the film was probably the scene with Robin Hood, although hearing Napoleon obsess over everyone's height was also a treat. It was fun seeing the familiar faces of great comedic actors like John Cleese and Michael Palin, as well as great dramatic actors like Sean Connery and Ralph Richardson. But what surprised me most was how excellent all the little people were. Usually in films a group of dwarves are just used as a mass of funny side characters that have no defining characteristics other than being short. However, Gilliam took time to establish a character for each of them, and they were extremely engaging actors.There's something almost childishly playful about Time Bandits. It feels like something a kid would dream up (but I'm glad they didn't go with the cliched "it was all a dream" ending.) As a result, this comes across as a kids movie that adults can appreciate. Perhaps part of that is the fact that the protagonist is a child. As I was watching I kept thinking "If I saw this as a kid I would have LOVED it!" While I did get some enjoyment out of watching Time Bandits, I still felt like I wasn't quite in the target audience. Now I hope that doesn't make it sound like I disliked the film in any way. It was funny, dramatic, and I was holding my breath in excitement a couple times. I think I just wanted a little more story in place of some of the silly. One of the more interesting choices Gilliam made was creating a god-like character and then completely skirting the issue of religion. "Something about free will" is the closest they get, and it's so brilliantly dropped in there it should make both religious people and non-religious people chuckle. In general I love time travel movies, but this was one of the most sedate ones. While they do bounce around in the past there is no mention of consequences, there are no ripple effects into the future. It literally never addresses the whole time travel issue. It's all clearly in a fantasy world, culminating in the scene where they literally go into a fantasy land. All in all, I did enjoy Time Bandits. Like I said, if I came upon it at a younger age I think this might be one of my favorite movies, but as it stands I still enjoy it quite a bit, and would gladly watch it again any time.

Ashley H (br) wrote: Just My Luck is a disappointing film. It is about a girl's lucky that changes when she kisses an unlucky man. Lindsay Lohan and Chris Pine give awful performances. The screenplay is badly written. Donald Petrie did a horrible job directing this movie. I was not impressed with this motion picture.

Marco F (gb) wrote: CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND is one of the great cinematic experiences of my lifetime. It is an astonishing feat of imaginative and technical filmmaking on every level. It's a kids' movie at heart- but any other tone wouldn't have been suitable for this movie. This is an amazing motion picture- see it- and above all- experience it.