We Won't Grow Old Together

We Won't Grow Old Together

Jean has been married to Francoise for years, but his relationship with his wife has been all but over for a long time. She's hardly ever around, always traveling to Russia for work, and she drifts in and out of the film as well, reflecting the ephemeral nature of their marriage.

Jean has been married to Francoise for years, but his relationship with his wife has been all but over for a long time. She's hardly ever around, always traveling to Russia for work, and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John H (kr) wrote: Rubbish Ricky gervais ruins it

jasmine m (nl) wrote: MY DAUGTHER LOVES THIS MOVIE

Illustrator S (gb) wrote: Its refreshing to see that an independent film, made outside the traditional studio system, can still far exceed the expectations of a "studio" horror film. Compelling story, quality acting, expert technical approach make for one outstanding film. There is action without the crutch of endless, numbing violence, drama without the traditional formula and a solid creepy ghost story not based on the cookie-cutter (jump scares and over used CGI) ghost tales from Hollywood or Japan. Entertaining & enjoyable.

Greg B (es) wrote: Really good crime drama/horror flick. Rachel Miner's always a safe bet for a good flick.

Alan D (ca) wrote: Oh my god I don't even know how to express how angry I am at this movie :-) The two and a half stars is an emotional reaction to a unbelievably s***** ending and are for the acting of Casey Affleck and Harris with an equally impressive supporting cast. But seriously. What an absolute rip off... Gratuitous in its abandonment of the audience. Really well acted gritty and compelling and then just a total burn. I will say having seen Ben Affleck (who directed it) express himself as the sanctimonious self-proclaimed defender of the politically correct social justice warrior status quo artist on the Bill Maher show with Sam Harris in attendance it doesn't surprise me how much of a douche ending he decided to go with. [email protected]#!* Ben Affleck and f*** the ending to this movie. I just hope he doesn't ruin Batman for me. But it ain't looking good.

Lucas G (ca) wrote: Though it's visually outstanding and nicely acted and directed, the story itself feels all over the place and nowhere at the same time.

James W (ag) wrote: Nicolas Cage injects some well needed life into this movie that suffers from poor cinematography and an inconsistent tone. The neon lit streets never shine, and there is zero visual style, what were the Pang Brothers thinking? This film isn't completely without merit though, Bangkok Dangerous features some explosive action that is put together with quick cut shots, which many seem to hate but I enjoy speedy editing. The character chemistry between assassin Joe & Charlie Young's Fon is interesting too, there's a sweetness between the two and I liked the scene where she feels blood spray on her back, she then turns around and sees Joe with a gun in his hand and bodies on the floor. The storyline falters but for characters and action it doesn't stall, Bangkok Dangerous is a moderately successful remake.

Brian B (de) wrote: A sort of telling of the real Ed Gein story. Who knows how much truth there is to it. I wouldn't be surprised if its accurate though. He was pretty crazy.

Konrad A (de) wrote: This is a good movie with good singing this is a graceful movie to watch with the graceful music animation to this movie was good. People will enjoy this movie

Drew B (fr) wrote: Nielsen is a talented man who wastes his gift in this awful film.

Reese J (ag) wrote: One of my other guilty pleasure films. My parents never let me watch it, so I had to be sneaky. When I finally did see it in its entirety, I couldn't help but cringe at every punchline, and also saw a boom mic very clearly reflected off the patio door in one of the films many disturbing sex/rape scenes. This film made Natasha Henstridge a 90's sex symbol for about 6 minutes, now she's "retired" from acting as far as I can tell.

Dave S (gb) wrote: Better than I expected. Has kind of a strange tone going on - not melancholy exactly, but close to it. Does a really good job of exploring the whole "troubled youth" thing without being overly sensational or judgmental. Foster is good as always, Currie is an unusual but effective presence, and Scott Baio was allegedly 20 when this was made but he could easily pass for 12. The film's end takes a disappointing turn towards the maudlin - early warning sign of the downturn is right around the time a mother gets a monologue - but overall this is still more than worth checking out.

Carlos I (ca) wrote: Great 70s car movie. The characters are wild. Fonda is such a douche in this. lol. What a wild ending...

Bill T (ru) wrote: Not as bad as all that. Raymond Burr plays a plantation owner who all of a sudden has a strange attraction to the jungle, much to the chagrin of his new wife. What could be causing it? Though the reasoning is silly, Burr and friends keep this movie going until it's predictably cheesy ending.

Mark R (mx) wrote: Everything marvels putting into their cinematic universe is straight gold! Love it

Russ B (mx) wrote: 12/21/2015: Ok. I couple of funny moments, but mostly disappointing.