A disturbed homicide detective has to stop a man before he unleashes a virus to that he believes will destroy the terrorist cell that murdered his son, but at an unimaginable cost. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Weaponized torrent reviews

Ritesh V (ru) wrote: dunno y people dont like these kinda movies

Jussi M (br) wrote: Aika phttyneen tunkkaista menoa!

Ignaio G (br) wrote: great picture, grande marco bechis. it showed the duality forest - agriculture, wealthy landowners - natives. Not much we can do about it but still is great picture of the reality.

Angel G (br) wrote: it a romantic comedy. I don't why but I love it. So much fun.

Wrik S (es) wrote: A make-do movie about the immaturity with which senior adult people handle their relationships..

Michael B (es) wrote: It took me right back to my childhood. A wonderful movie!

Magill F (au) wrote: Funny and energetic, "Zero Patience" is a bit disjointed here and there and has a rather abrupt ending, but overall it's a decent enough flick. The songs are catchy and make you laugh, and the duet between two sleeping men's buttholes is pretty hilarious. You can tell this was made on a low budget, but that doesn't really hamper it. An enjoyable, if bizarre movie.

Wan K (ag) wrote: Good enough for 1989!

Fernando C (kr) wrote: estadounidendes metidos en todo por ellos paso esto en argentina, chile y uruguay.

Michael R (us) wrote: Brooke Shields and Martin Hewitt play two 15 year olds who fall in "love". Initially everything is fine until the girls parents find out that the two are having sex. The father forbids them to see each other anymore. The movie doesn't show how the girl is affected but does show the boy obsessing over her and falling apart. After talking to a friend of his, a young Tom Cruise in his first movie, the boy decides to set fire to the girl's house, then run in and save everyone to be the hero and hopefully be able to see the girl again. The plan appears to be working until the boy confesses to the arson and then spends two years in a mental institution, where he continues to obsess. After getting out and learning that the girl's parents have divorced he goes to see her mother who tries to seduce him. He tells her he cannot sleep with anyone but Jade and manages to get her address before he leaves. On his to way to see her, he sees the father, who tries to chase him away but is hit and killed by a car. The boy is finally able to see the girl and in an intense scene she admits to still loving him. However the next day the girl finds out that her father died chasing the boy. After a fight between the boy and the girls brother, he goes back into the hospital. The movie ends with the boy staring out the window and you see the girl walking towards the hospital and you are left wondering is she really coming to see him or is he daydreaming. Decent movie with a good performance by Brooke Shields as the main female character and James Spader as her brother. For the most part the movie just stirs up emotions of what our "first love" was like and if it did not work out then it leaves you with a sad lonely feeling.

Jamie S (us) wrote: Classic! OHHHHHHHHHHH no the hands coming after me!!!!!!!!!! and whats that ghostly figure coming out of the wall??? lol

Chris V (ag) wrote: A strange film for it's time, it's studio and it's stars.A small group of convicts - including an unknown man who appeared in their midst before the attempt - escape from an island penal colony along with a fiery bar girl. The treacherous jungle and an escape by boat across to the mainland whittle their number down and the survivors confront their own destiny before a resolution.The film's strange atmosphere leads to forceful but muted performances from Crawford and Gable - their love story also strangely on a low-light while Borzage concentrates on the mystical character - charismatically played by Ian Hunter - who unsettles the dynamic of the convicts.

phoebe w (jp) wrote: My favourite film, I loved the plot it was interesting and quirky and so were all of the characters.

Adam R (kr) wrote: I thought this movie was hysterical. I think if you know nothing about the bible it wouldn't be funny but if you understand the references it makes everything so much more funny.