Weather Girl

Weather Girl

Keiko Nadachi is a substitute weather-girl for Michiko Kawai on J-TV. As a way of signing off, she hikes up her skirt and flashes her underwear at the audience. This move makes her an ...

Keiko Nadachi is a substitute weather-girl for Michiko Kawai on J-TV. As a way of signing off, she hikes up her skirt and flashes her underwear at the audience. This move makes her an ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Frank K (gb) wrote: I've been torn between a 4.5 and 5 star rating, but when it comes down to it, Beauty Day is the funniest documentary I've ever seen.

Andy C (ag) wrote: Great documentary for those reliving the late 80s early 90s UK indie scene some of which will bypass our American cousins. I'm off to find some old vinyl to listen too

Gabriel D (ru) wrote: It's like somebody ate Pulp Fiction and every Guy Ritchie movie, threw it up, and called that a movie

adam b (us) wrote: A gorier and more violent version of Emmerdale. I think it got a bit confused with what storyline it wanted to go with and I'm surprised how well one character took it when someone tried to bury them alive, but apart from that it's fairly tense and enjoyable.

Sen S (de) wrote: I liked the political info mixed with sexy images...

Austin G (es) wrote: It's funny at times, but not really.

Tim B (jp) wrote: The decent actors and slick tunes were all that were saving it. I want to kill these people in real life. PATHETIC.

Jake P (au) wrote: And now it all makes sense! Thanks M. Night!

Randy P (au) wrote: Probably the best sequel.

bill s (kr) wrote: Goldthwait steals the whole shabang in any otherwise less than stellar sequel.

David M (au) wrote: The last quarter of the book is missing, and some good scenes eg Herbert & Niobe. But as far as it goes it is faithful to the book and well worth watching.

Stephen M (us) wrote: The second and most visually breathtaking of the Anthony Mann/James Stewart westerns. In this one, Jimmy plays a former Missouri border raider guiding a wagon train of intrepid farmers up to Oregon, where he hopes to bury his past and start a new life as a rancher. Depicting the settlers' journey as the kind of long, hard slog usually reserved for a Werner Herzog movie, it is astonishing how much action and adventure Mann manages to cram into these 90 minutes. The core of the movie, however, is the uneasy but mutually respectful friendship between Stewart and Arthur Kennedy, a fellow border raider Jimmy rescues from a lynch mob.The script cleverly uses Kennedy, who is much less eager to reform than Stewart, to illustrate the kind of a man Jimmy must once have been, and the crueller side of his nature he is desperately fighting to suppress. The only real weakness here is Rock Hudson's character, a callow professional gambler standing at a crossroads between a virtuous or a wicked path in life (Stewart's or Kennedy's). I can see why he's in the picture but he's not really given anything to do, and you'll notice that Hudson is always conveniently out of the way whenever Stewart and Kennedy butt heads, presumably to defer his taking of a side for as long as possible.

jay n (de) wrote: Creaky antique reworking of Madame X is of interest mainly for its pre-code ingredients, blatant lesbianism, unpunished sex outside marriage etc., than any real value as a film. A lot of the film techniques are reminiscent of silents showing the growing pains of films continued into the early thirties. Part of the problem with the film is that all the men talk about how the heroine gets under a man's skin and they can't get over her but Helen Twelvetrees exudes none of the magnetism that makes that believable. The supporting players add more to the picture than the leads with Lilyan Tashman having the most fun as a party girl with Joan Blondell and Frank McHugh both starting out but already stealing scenes with their patented personas firmly in place. An almost unrecognizable Anita Louise, still beautiful but so young, is cast as Millie's daughter.


Borhan K (nl) wrote: Welcome to the punch is a gritty british drama action flick with no punch line but a twist. At first i was like it is a straight forward good guy catch the bad guy film and i was just on board to watch a pointless action flick with no brains.The movie turns and really picks up in the second half.This is not a nursery rhyme no kiddies allowed.James McAvoy i am not sure what to think of but Mark Strong i don't know if he wants to be a Jason Statham kinda actor he has the grit and the rugged good looks.This is a thinking mans action flick soo if you just wanna watch pointless action this is not it it has a good story line it maybe slow but has potential.Give it a go if you want its not bad for English action flicks...