Richard Greico leads a team of electrical workers who stumble across a terrifying parallel universe. While investigating a strange power source in an abandoned building, the workers find themselves sucked into an underworld teeming with massive, man-eating, spider-like monsters. The bloodthirsty arachnid-human hybrids stalk and kill their victims one by one, leaving the dwindling group of survivors to fight back with just their wits and a handful of primitive weapons.

An electrical crew stumbles into a parallel universe dominated by a mutated spider. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Clarisa C (ag) wrote: Worst movie I've seen in a really long time. So, so bad. So entirely pointless.

Diego Martn (it) wrote: Peli Argentina,historia entretenida, se deja ver

Lucas Y (it) wrote: Doubt anyone saw this coming. One of the best reboots ever and easily one of the best films of 2011. Unlike 'Transformers' or some generic superhero movie this not only is filled with action & entertainment, but the acting, writing and heart are equally impressive. James Franco & John Lithgow are both superb in their performances, but the real star of this is Andy Serkis who really brought Caesar to life. The film doesn't have a dull moment and I wouldn't have changed a thing about it. Spectacular.

Donnie C (ca) wrote: Not horrible, but one has to admit it to be kind of a 'Texas Chainsaw' ripoff.

Bill B (br) wrote: Playing a little loose with the viewers' patience, the series continues to shoe-horn new characters and motivations into previously existing films.I'm still a fan of the franchise, but it's become increasingly hard to take their convoluted plotting very seriously if they wanna keep telling me there's a dozen other sleeper cell type killers with every installment.Worth a rental.

Jennifer Lauren P (br) wrote: really wierd and i will never look at angie harmon the same way but probally happens more than we think

Chloe C (mx) wrote: Religiosity and Decadence wrapped into one.

Nicolas G (mx) wrote: Le film est plutot bon bien qu'un peu longuet par moment. On pardonnera les longueurs par certaines repliques croustillantes que l'on peut y trouver. Berling joue parfaitement bien. Je pourrai dire de meme de Rochefort et d'Ardant.

Bex P (gb) wrote: Worst movie our family has sat throw in a very long time, actually maybe ever! All of the animal voices are beyond hard to listen to. I might would rather sit and listen to fingernails on a chalkboard. I have never reviewed a movie before but felt a duty to inform other parents how horrible this movie is. I was pretty irritated with the female cat villain's character- the way she belittled her "spouse" cat was completely unnecessary and added no humor to the movie. Also was shocked that producers thought it to be appropriate to have characters play with a rifle attempting to figure out how to shoot it. The macow looked down the barrel as the other animals discussed how to pull trigger- eventually shooting of one round of gun powder, almost in the macow's face. The villain cats continually set things on fire... Even attempting to kill Robin by setting his tree house on fire while he's knocked out. (That is after cats already killed Robin's dog in a fire earlier in the movie!) We left movie theater pretty annoyed after wasting our money and time with this movie.

James B (mx) wrote: Time travel to before I watched this would be really helpful.

Mario G (de) wrote: Gente muy transa en Wall Street