Wedding Campaign

Wedding Campaign

A 38-year-old single man, Hong Man-Taek is a petty farmer still living with his mother. Seeing a neighbor married to an Uzbekistan bride and frightened by the fact that his own grandson will never get married, Man-Taek's grandfather decides to send Man-tek to Uzbekistan to find a bride.

Wedding Campaign is 2005 South Korean film about two aging bachelor farmers from Gyeongsang Province. Unable to find wives in Korea willing to move to the countryside, they go on a 10-day 'campaign' in Uzbekistan, where local matchmakers attempt to pair them up with local ethnic Korean women. It was the closing film of the 2005 Pusan International Film Festival. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Timothy J (au) wrote: There is no way a human directed this movie.. Im crediting an OS for this incredible film.

Allen G (nl) wrote: Surprisingly 'out there' at times considering how realistic it is character-wise and that makes for a strange experience overall. It doesn't all take off and it's all too emotionally heavy to make any of the obscure dark humour work. It also seems to struggle as a coming-of-age drama or even an analysis of adolescence really due to it being too obvious at times and feeling a bit run-of-the-mill when it comes to movies about gangs. It does however have some real strengths which make this a successful piece with regards to the male psyche of violence and especially knife crime. The bizarreness of some of the film's elements make it stand out from its of-the-mould storyline and strong acting all round along with the occasional perfectly-executed scene show us that this isn't something that lacks the finesse or expertise required to make a film like this. When it comes to it's portrayal of 'neds' I'm unfortunately familiar with such things and can certainly vouch for the film's accuracy there. There's also a strong sense of time and place with the 70's very much in mind but it also has the benefit of feeling relevant to here and now also. (here being Paisley, Scotland for me) It's able to carry its length but does seem slightly disproportionate at times- I'm not sure how necessary it was to follow the younger John for so long- the McCarron phase of John's life quickly overtook it and offered far-more in every way. There was some important stuff with the younger John but there was too much emphasis on his' feeling persecuted and that, for me, wasn't enough to show how he transformed into a wholly different person.Speaking of that person- it's a real problem for the film. John's character experiences relatable things but his actions cannot always be justified and it eventually drains our sympathy with him and there's some very heavy-handed and overly-dramatic elements that just make this the case more. I'm thinking of the story around Canta here in particular where it's hard to feel anything other than hatred towards John for his actions and his attitude. That's ultimately why the coming-of-age stuff doesn't work and it also stomps on much of the social commentary aspects because we don't see how John's unfortunate circumstances can lead to him becoming what he does- though it captures the pressure and the appeal of the lifestyle to a young boy very-well, it doesn't give us enough to really see what pushes John over the age- he is simply a bad person and the film feels at times like it's trying to play that down instead of really showing us how it got to that level.Overall it's a well-executed and interesting film with great performances, a good look and its own place. Ned culture is so fascinating though that it feels like there was some wasted opportunity here- particularly concentrating on one character felt like a flaw considering how much group-protection is a factor within gangs. Still, a strange, sometimes for the best and sometimes not, film that's definitely worth checking out, especially if you've been fortunate enough not to experience the 'ned' lifestyle.

Huw G (es) wrote: Hardly a full and balanced expos (C), but certainly eye opening, and funny at times too, if not always PC.

Private U (nl) wrote: A really interesting, albeit skewed, view on the zombie/undead genre. The old man rocks; and the storyline really solves all of the opened plot twists.

David C (it) wrote: Fantastic!! if you love Will's writting then by golly, you will love the snot out of this. filmed as if in the theater and not to mention the cast is star studded!!

Muffin M (it) wrote: I own this on DVD and Blu-Ray

Curtis H (de) wrote: The funniest, most satirical, most brilliant, most irreverant, and cleverest of all crime fiction satire. Ben Kingsley and Michael Caine give fantastic performances as a very different kind of Dr. Watson and Sherlock Holmes. To say anything else about the plot of this witty gem is to do disservice to your viewing.

Liam F (mx) wrote: Werner Herzog's best film. Beautiful, poetic yet bleak and depressing.

Carlos M (it) wrote: The star here is definitely Charles Laughton, who steals the show and makes each one of his lines sound memorable in this delightfully witty and clever plot by Agatha Christie adapted by Billy Wilder into a near perfect piece of thought-provoking entertainment.

Jeff Z (nl) wrote: Incredibly tiresome snoozefest has Bogart star as a former Colonel who returns to Japan after the war to reclaim his bar and discovers the wife he thought was dead is alive and remarried. He decides to try and win her back despite the fact they have absolutely no chemistry together and she has given him a very annoying young daughter. Tokyo Joe gets involved with Japanese bad guys and war criminals when they threaten to blackmail his ex. This misfire was produced by Bogart's own company and was one of the first US films to be produced in postwar Japan. But only Bogart's double in a trenchcoat and hat walks the streets of Tokyo as Bogie stays behind at the Columbia lot. You notice Bogart looks pretty cool in the pictire in his flight jacket, but this is another movie where he wears a bow tie, which to me is always the telltale sign of a bad Bogart movie.

Matt G (us) wrote: Often on "best horror ever" lists, & it's easy to see why: It's terrifying. The quirky likability of the neighbors perfectly counters their relatable pushiness & underlying evil. I can only imagine watching this as a pregnant lady, as it tangibly captures the physical stress & mental paranoia put on their body. However, the wonderful dialogue, quirky characters, uncommonly sharp editing and unsettlingly great performances make it a plain great film. (PS What's the deal with Farrow and morally corrupt auteurs?)

Mohammed A (kr) wrote: It's good horror movie to watch

Narae P (mx) wrote: 1. Vicious Circles - stupid and over the top2. Dante the Great - the worst in this one, again, stupid and over the top3. Parallel Monsters - decent4. Bonestorm - decent

Matthew M (ca) wrote: Seamlessly blending old and new elements of the franchise together in one delightful package, X-Men: Days of Future Past combines emotional drama, exhilarating action, and surprising humor to create a wholly satisfying experience that ranks among the finest in the franchise.